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       had a weekend and a carnival
       it was a lot of fun and there was buggy and there was booth and there were also friends
       but doesn't want to talk about weekend, because something just happened
       while he was walking to KGB from class he looked out the window and it was raining
           the children's poem came to mind
               the old man snoring is thunder
               the rest is a METAPHOR FOR DEATH
           that was also great
       had a weekend and a carnival
       worked on thesis
       so much thesis
       got a draft in
       is lying on the floor
       had a weekend but not a carnival
       went to PAX East
       the place they had booked on AirB&B was a dilapidated warehouse on the outside
           and an artist decorating a dilapidated warehouse on the inside
           the artist left them beer in the fridge so it's all good
       also PAX was good
           Lame Duck
           friday, 7:00, PHA18*
           it's our last week and we don't give a fuck
           it's basically KGB Takes A Nap
           there might be a movie
           there'll be Dr. Seuss books
           there might be craft stuff?
           also you can bring games
       had a weekend
       thought she would do fun things during carnival but then realized she could be SLEEPING
           so she did that
       next week is elections
           if you want your platform in written form, Marlena is trying to get a pravda done by Friday
       had a weekend in a sense of the word
       so much booth
       then teardown success!
       so much booth
       had a carnival
       it was okay
       there was build
           Wursday was interesting
           got 2 hours of sleep
       the game only broke twice!
       we were off midway only half an hour later than last year which was good
       had a weekend and a little bit of a carnival
       booth was super awesome
       there were comics, carnival, and sleeping
       Zora's dad made them food
           (also Zora forgot to mention that their dad visited whoops)


   possibly ad hoc General Rage Committee
       Dillon held his umbrella normally but Pittsburgh got rain on the underside of the umbrella
   possibly ad hoc Thanks Alums Committee
       ...thanks dcap?
   Illustrious Journalist Collective
       I think
       Xander is talking
       wow there's some vitriol in there this time
   Existing Committee
       reports continued existance
   Dammit Pittsburgh Committee
       it's gonna snow tomorrow
   I Love You Parents But Committee
       there's a folk rock singer named John Cougar Melloncamp
       James's dad knows him
           they stopped hanging out when Melloncamp started talking about contaminating the water supply with lsd
   Omnomnom Committee
       Colmar missed the memo
       (3 of 4 members are wearing bright red shirts)
   Time Travel Committee
       nominates Broman for president
   Committee to Teach You All Sign Language
   Stalling for Time Committee
       Continued Success
   Daniel John...
   Nominations Committee
       it should be on the facebook page


   The Thing!
       bad grades on assignments that weren't supposed to be done over carnival are not Steven's fault


   Good Idea Bad Idea Committee: good idea - climbing a mountain, bad idea - climbing a mountain lion
       worse idea - mounting a cougar
           fine idea - if you're another cougar
       good idea or bad idea: trading your soul for a really cool bus 2.0
           Xander: fuck you Ms. Froger
       good idea- being concise
           bad idea - rambling and rambling....
           Filibuster Committee: supports
       good idea - bringing cake to a KGB event
           bad idea - bringing /cake/ to a KGB event
       good idea - using a no. 2 pencil on an exam
           bad idea - using a no. 2 heavyweight champion from Foxy Boxing on an exam
       good idea - recursion
           bad idea - see good idea
       good idea - nano
           bad idea - pico
       $3 to Drew, Vim users will chair
   CMU Hates Grass And So Do I Committee: yeah pretty much that
       but if we get rid of the grass we'll get dust bowls
       I think Xander is trying to kill us
       fun fact: grass is actually 90% lion parts
       true fact: the smell that you get after cutting grass is the grass telling predetors to eat you
       true fact: after you cut grass for three months, the grass will eat your soul
       factoid: from 1994-1994 grass was the leading cause of death in new orleans
       factoid: grass is a slang term for marijuana
       factzilla: like godzilla
       zuchinni: like factzilla but not
       forney: FAT
           and the hands just fall
       factbonies: facts that clean the ice
       fun fact: grass is solar powered
       $6 to Frieder, he and anyone who hates grass will chair

(Marlena has the chair)

   Alternative Uses For Golf Carts: magnet brooms
       midway clean up is HILARIOUS
       ccolombo just watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
           can we do something like that with a golf cart
       Jay's senior prank was to steal the school golf carts and joust
       Fuck It Buggy Committee: monster truck wheels
       motion to postpone the discussion of the creation of this committee until two weeks from now
               b/c if she becomes president Marlena will get to talk about it again
           Broman objects on principle
           JRAM: golf cartel
           Steven projects
           Broman objectifies steven
           Frieder objects because it's cool
           now they're bullshiting about the origin of "serious"
           Forney object because not good words
       Xander: fuck you Drew
       I Am Ethan Gladding Committee: strongly approves
       to quote the Bard: lookit dat butt, lookit dat butt
       $5 to Broman, he and anyone else who has either been a member of the KGB Booth Committee or CMU Carnival Committee will chair

(Mike has the chair)

   Broman Empire: pax bromana
       Drew is so okay with this
       motion to change name to "Holy Broman Empire"
       senatus populusci bromani (I'm so sorry about that spelling)
       this is the punning about Broman's name committee
       Xander said "erection"
       can the font be Times New Broman
           (no, i'm not dealing with the wiki formatting)
       et 2vp JRAM
       change name to "Whole Wheat Broman Empire"
       Broman approves due to his breakfast cereal
       change purpose to "flax bromana"

(Broman has the chair again)

   Committee To Teach The KGB Sea Shanties: yeah pretty much that
       drinking on a boat
       Mashup Committee in conjunction with I'm On A Train Committee: approves
       lock him in a room with the captain's daughter
       my grandpa sells condoms to sailors (he punctures the tips with a pin)
       yo ho yo ho
           no ho no ho
       Captain's Wife's Lament
       row, row, row, row, your boat
       why is the rum always gone?
       sealights, sealights
       eforney knows a guy who got scurvey because he was only eating ramen and mountain dew, and ramen dew
           it wasn't JRAM
       $5 to Jeffrey, he and anyone who knows sea shanties from things other than videogames will chair
   Squid Your Hands In The Air Committee: and we just don't care
       change name to "Squai Squen Squee Squei Committee"
       $2 to Drew, disbanded
   Entrancing Committee: it's a well known fact that if you have an interesting accent that people will listen to you now matter what you're saying
       none of this is funny without the accents
       if you get Will when he's willing (eyyyyyyy) he'll speak Chinese in a US Southern accent
       Marlena's mom picks up a Southern accent when she goes down South
       Xander said bootsncats in a bad Scottish accent
       "a tree an' a turd, a tree an' a turd, an' a tree an' a turd is ten."
       $3 to Xander, anyone who can do a really good accent that isn't their native one will chair
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for supplies for the event


       Lame Duck
       games and movies and stories and stuff
       7:00, Friday, PH A18*
   pay your shit to Dillon
       so you can vote
       KGB accepts cash and check
           make checks out to Carnegie Mellon University, write KGB in the memo
   submit your platform to nomcom by Friday
   next meeting is elections
       come early
       tell people to show up
       WE'LL BE IN DH 2315
       we succeeded! thanks guys!
       also turn in your hard hats, Zora will be in the KAge from 3:00ish to 4:30ish on Wednesday
       they'll post about it


   Steel City LAN this weekend
       if you like video games do the thing

we are now in purple