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Officer Reports:

   Marlena -- Tomfoolery with past presidents
   Stuart -- Many stuffed animals at useless stuff
   Mike -- For once, they're not last -- Weekend with stuff, apt full of stuffed animals thanks to Stuart
    		Event!! LDOC Picnic (UC Chairs at 5:15)
   Zora -- Wasn't identical to Mike's Weekend
    		Similar to Stuarts though....
    		Auctioned off a lot of video games.....
    		Failed at doing work
    		Got 4th in footrace
   Dillon -- Useless stuff -- most people paid
    		Board games saturday

Teenage girl then creepy old guy Frieder -- Played boardgames and broke space and time and HW

Reports from existing committees Time Travel Committee -- Did Zora really pass out attendance on time?

The committee of the Anals in conjunction with the Sounds Like Committee remind you pigeons, midgets, and bitches

Committee to assasinated the president threaten's Marlena's life

The Ad Hoc I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing Committee! asks about another dinner......

The Ad Hoc Ad Hoc Committe requests coins

THe Daniel John is so Full of Himself Committee welcomes exec and is visitn gGrad Schools in NJ

Old Business Frieder had the thing, Steven had exams

New Business Motion to Create the Akward and Inappropriate Twerking Committee With the Purpose of Frieder making himself look stupid That was just unfortunate Playing mournful music That FAILED

Committee for Practical Typography Why reject underlining but not caps? Underlining cannot claim the kind of origin and pedigree as caps New Purpose -- watch Tim turn Blue This committee's opinion on doors? Right handed are better than left handed Passed -- $4 to Drew The complement of tim will chair

The I Can't Believe I ate the uuhole thing With the purpose -- I ate the uuhole thing DJ - I'm amazed at how much I an eat Wonderous Clouds -- Cotton Candy A medium sized dominos pizza Ice Cream Season is upon us the ad hoc new england children committee stipulates is always ice cream season Passed -- $3 to AFalk UU will chair

Motion to define the clustering of multiple KGB presidents as a "Fiasco" Counter to the ByLaws from pro rules wanker Tim Frieder makes up a definition of defining Motion to enter it into the KGB dictionary -- out of order Motion to Table Tabled til next week

Motion to Create the KGB Time Capsule Committe Create a bulleted list of things we should bring up at the closest meaning in 2 years The Ad Hoc Committee to take 7 years to pass approves The List A Fiasco is multiple KGB presidents in 1 place ObamaCar A picture of a penis 2 penises A picture of the penis KGB nursery rhyme book? Motion to change this from a bulletted list to an arrowed list Passed! - $7 McGinnis Chaired by people who won't be here in 2 years

Motion to create the "Just Like the Old [Cultural Soothsayer] Woman Said" Comittee With the purpose of creating a list of superstitions that will literally and literally come true A little known fact that presidents that fail their first committee will have unspeakably terrible things happen to them Did you know that if the KGB walks under a later while being crossed by a black cat it will smash a mirror We never should have held the annual meeting on a burial ground Fun Fact -- If any time anyone asks you, you dont immediately claps their shoulders and stare into their eyes, your first born child will be a liberal arts major Passed -- $ Disbanded

Motion to remove all standing rules Anti-Seconded Jacks Van Chants There are 4 standing rules from gbm -- which are defunct -- Frider took the chairs, references to Drew, Frieder, and Fourney Tim Broman Saluted Motion to make all standing rules sit down Motion for a roll call vote Shitty debates Passed

Motion to make a standing rule to make no more standing rules Moving formward

Motion to create the lampshade committee With the purpose of thats the joke Motion to append the leg lamp Dillitory Motion to appendage the leg lamp Motion to hang this committee Motion to Dillatory Tim is a wanker Passed -- $4 to Broman Chaired by anyone who explains the joke

Motion to create the committee to test the rec sec With the Purpose of Dan's being an a$$ Passed -- $ Disbanded

Motion for the Chair to Sit

Motion to create the committe dedicated to making KGB treasurers join british conservative British parties With the purpose Dillontory Stuff happens Passed -- $3 to Drew Dillon will chair

Motion to create the raps about exec committee to make raps about exec "My name is Dillon, my D is illin', b/c im treasurer you will be billin'" Broetry in cahoots Eurithmics committee is in Passed -- $6 eFourney shall Chair

Motion to replace outBroman'd with outMarlena'd Marlena likes fun This is a bad idea because the space is silenced Motion to change the motion with OutTechie -- this is the way Motion to change that motion to make Broman the forever president and Marlena chancellor -- that failed marlena needs to wake up Passed

Motion to create THIS committee Purpose name == Double Double This This Double Double That That WHICH? committe knows what you did, and is fine with your actions Rules wankery Passed -- $3 to Frider Chaired by everyone

Motion to allocate $150 for suppied for the event It's LDOC, we're buying good food And veggie burgers and cheese for hipsters Passed

Motion to create the Evil Ec Rec Sec Committee To be assholes in deep voices and runon sentences Xander would participate in this discussion if he were here, so Broman is torturing me Passed -- $4 Broman Chaired by former rec secs

Motion to create the Committee for Drew to Use up all his KGB credit Purpose to get Drew to spend $2 The last committee that dj will ever buy accepts challenge Passed -- $8 Chaired by everyone who chairs the last committee that dj will ever buy

Motion to get a High Five

Motion to create the committee of hungy hungry androgenous hippopotamusses With a purpose totally original committee as a whole the committee is synomymous with the kgb this committee is anonymous this committee is hippopotamus Passed -- $2 to Frieder Chaired by everyone who looses hungry hungry hippos

In purple

Moving on to real relevant announcements LDOC Event!!!!!!!!!!! 5:15

Mafia Night is Wednesday of Finals Week -- RSVP By event on Friday Email Exec

Motion to kitten and get food

Motion to require a reading of today's minutes