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       had a weekend
       almost all studying
       small bits of eating and swearing at mario kart
       had a weekend
       spent most of it grading 112 term projects
       then got sick
       then took a 213 final
       had a weekend
       tried to write a paper on saturday but failed
       did other stuff????
       had a weekend
       started on thursday when social psych ended
       spent the rest of the weekend watching too much x files and not studying enough
       is totally skye
       did awesome freshman things
       probably had like six finals
       is tired
       had a weekend
       LDOC not a picnic was good
       did stuff the rest of the weekend
       things happened
       more importantly, was trying to get to this meeting and there was no bus until there were FIVE
       had a weekend
       it was eaten by KotOR because
           that's how that works


   to teach you all sign languages
       alergies in springtime when things grow
   dkirby committees
       brian's about to inherit all his committees
       dan is going to grad school next semester!
   practical typography
       thanks tim
       hosting sig boatvic
   ad hoc disappointed committee
       this is barely a penny anymore
   ad hoc this was totally my idea
       martin freeman memorial in conj with committee to teach you all sign language
           fuck you allergies
   bequeathments committee
       committee that will take 7 years to pass to frieder


   the Thing!
       people who actually have finals having to take their finals is not broman's fault


   totally my idea: to explain when something is TOTALLY your idea
       daniel john is so full of himself: totally his idea
       you made that joke? I made that joke
       $3 to Broman, he and caroline will chair
   canadian standoffs: no it's okay, you can have it
       minnesotans and dakotans also
       have you been to wisconsin? /hours/
           broman was trained by the finest in passive aggression
       $2 to broman, midwesterners will chair
   committee to totally cheat on our kgb final: we're sitting next to each other, whatcha gonna do about it
       motion to have a take home final
       motion to substitute a final project
       but, Final, I thought we were EXCLUSIVE
       $3 to Frieder, anyone who has a final during the rest of today
   committee for creative and strategic _______: it was creative and strategic, we totally meant to do it
       stayed up 'til five, just cause
       "intentionally" discarding a 5 in hanabi
       $2 to Broman, he and any past present members of the lower half of exec
   2vp forgot to announce the event: Mafia night this week! We're leaving at 5 from the black chairs. Bring your ID for public transportation!
       motion to table
           for how many?
           yoga flame committee approves
               like, yoga. the table
   proventialism: to verify that other nations are only myths
       look, noone has ever been to...fuck I forgot the name
       do any of you actually have PROOF that idaho exists?
       Dillon has a south dakota quarter
       dkirby has photos of mt rushmore
           but how do we know that HE exists?
       caroline and her mom saw a hawaii license plate TWICE in pittsburgh, but south dakota and idaho were nowhere
           west virginia has one car and they all share
           it's a red chevy pickup
       $1 to mcginnis, PA natives will chair
   goodnight moon: to say goodbye to all of our people
       goodnight moon, goodnight spoon, goodnight loon,
       goodnight drew?
       old people should send us their contact info
       yeah, KGB definitely doesn't kill people, they just say goodnight
       $10 to stuart, everyone who'll be leaving after the current year (sleepy people)
   actual committee that will actually be the last committee that daniel john will ever buy unless mcginnis outbids him and this is totally not a trick to get mcginnis to spend a lot of money: it was all in the title
       motion to postpone until sept 2
       we are now in purple
       $100 to Glisson, he will chair
   point of order
       forney thinks that if you try
   actual last kirby daniel john will ever buy: to actually be bought by daniel john kirby
       efficiency: how much are you willing to spend?
           ballpark $30
       motion to change the name to: fundraising committee: part 2 of three
       motion to append "electric boogaloo"
       why is dan talking about clinton
           fundraising midnight snacks?
       $30 to mcginnis, he and dan will chair
   we are now in purple
   committee to identify trees: yeah basically that
       ad hoc puzzlehunt team: you have been sniped by a tree
       motion to append "the nth committee that daniel john will be outbid on"
       if you wanna identify a tree, the best way to do it is to eat the leaves
           they're totally not poisonous
       ad hoc things cmu hates: is grass small trees?
           trees are big grass
       what without any argument is not a tree?
           tim broman is not a tree
           broman: hi!
       ginko leaves look like fans
       semen trees--what's their name?
       basswood tree has curvy branches and heart shaped leaves
       $5 to Frieder, trees will chair
   matthew glisson weird dreams
       has been here for 8 years
           is leavng in the next few months
       is really excited about this exec


       Mafia Night
       LEAVING from the UC black chairs at 5:00 pm
       we're taking public transport, bring your ID or fare
       reservation is for 6 at buca di beppo
   this is the last meeting!
       next week we'll meet at 5:30 outside doherty and then go get food


   the smelly white tree is called the calorie pear tree
   you can tell oaks apart by their bark
   doctor who is not on the air
       thanks mcginnis
   trees have roots
   we are now in purple