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Marlena laser cut things

Stuart likes OS

   Nick Morin -- psych/bio, ny, has shoes

Mike digs

   Improv Night!
   (No, not improve night)
   CtfwS is happening Nov 7

Zora had a weekend

   Karoke and a little ham

Skye had a weekend

Dillon had a weekend

   Solidarity fforever
   OS, and OS, and OS, and more OS

Frieder is sad that he doesn't have super powers

The Don't worry its for science committee returns The itty bitty kitty committee takes a moment to think about cats The committee to whore out the KGB can fix you The illustrious journalist collective is talking again... and we are quite scared

The "computer" science committee has the contigency planning capacity of drunk snails The DJK nightmare in dreamland committee would like to report that it was swallowed y a giant monster

  stung by 10000 bees, and then woke up and was almost seeing the stings

The committee to whore out the KGB approves

Old Business Committee Stuart has the thing!

Mathomagic committee; This thing definately turns into this thing becausee physics

   16/64 by sixes is a viable reduction
   Motion to add donald duck
   Not listening but complete the square
   Purple and get math
   $3 to Mike
   Physics majors

Drunk snails committee; get snails drunk and have them teach a class

   Apple trees and snails  -- drunk wasps and snakes are crawling all over it
   Let's put salt on snails in margaritas
   $4 to Dillon

I know everyone on the front page of the tartan; to get more people we know to do ridiculous things

   $1 to Joe
   Front page of tartan

Corporates right; to extend rights to corporations so we can set up an arranged marriage between PETA and the NRA

   If animals had guns, they wouldnt be eating food
   A group of researchers watched gorillas murder other gorillas
   Do you ship it
   $2 to Stuart
   KGB members who are not zombies and are also corporations

Terrible fanfiction; terrible fanfiction

   The jist is, fanfic is terrible
   $1 to Frieder

PETA for the ethically ethical treatment of animals; to make Peta recursive

   $1 to murphy
   Pita bread makers

The hide the bodies committee: to hide the bodieskin

   Mellon is a bad place to hide bodies
   $7 to Stuart
   Corporations and zombies

KGB Think Armada because then we can have all of the many iterations of this committee and the kitchen sink: because even thinking in a tank is better than what we're doing now

   Cheeto fingers would be great
   Eternal hiccups or eternal cheeto fingers? 
   $4 to Stuart
   Frieder, Stuart, Skye -- admirals of the armada

Butts: buts

   $2 to Maija

This one time in the Mellon Institute: FMS is awful

   We can get stuck in a lot of places. And its bad
   $11 to Mike
   Mellon people

Make the KGB money: the committee will have chairs who bid on this committee

  $5 to Joe
   Everyone who didnt bid, and Joe

Snakes alcoholism committee: to gripe about the TOC

   Snails appended
   The itty bitty kitty committee is better
   TOC Stories
    $2 to Xander
    All rec secs

Don't exceed $50 for supplies for the event!

CtFwS is happening Nov 7. BE HERE.