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Officer Reports

    Marlena -- had a weekend; real acting is for suckers
    Stuart -- had a weekend; improv and puzzlehunt and less OS, oh my
    Mike -- had a weekend; some days, you just cant get rid of a bomb
              KGB TAKES FRESHMEAT OUT FOR FOOD (5:30 pre-event)
    Zora -- had a weekend; improv (which they laughed at sinisterly) and bikes and work
    Skye -- had a weekend; it can be summed up thusly; KGB, KGB, Ms Saigon, work, KGB, work, CAD, KGB, KGB, and 10 out of 10, would talk to Mike Woolford again
    Oh yeah, and Zora made a pravda
    Dillon -- got change thrown at him 
    Frieder -- Yom Kippur, Psych dept, and relaxing Sunday (mistake)

Committee Reports!

    The Scissor Cannons Committee reports impending target practice
    The HvZ reports and is excited
    The CtFwS committee is almost done!!! Maybe. We're making new pedantic bullshit
    The itty bitty kitty committee would like to remind you that this weather is perfect for kitties and sweaters
    The innovative technologies committee would like to report ___
    The ad hoc anti-paper airplane artillery committee -- suggests bad things
    The glorious paper airplanes committee would like to remind everyone that thye are not resposible
    The ad hoc classical logic committee has proven a paper airplane exists
    The ad hoc numbers are weird committee asks why reals? 

Old Business

    The thing? 
    Stuart has the thing, 
    Ed has it now -- not at fault for the computer

Constructive Logic; to disprove the existance of paper airplanes

    Not not opposed to it
    Why limit to paper airplanes
    $2 to Joe

.*, .*

    So many name and purpose changes... Skye's tired
    ECE committee fails
    $21 to Stuart
    Everyone wil chair, we're inclusive

Paradox; to be inclusive by containing the set of all sets

    This committee will eventually be a subcommittee of itself, but since Marlena doesn't know the rules...
    $7 to Ed

Motion to create Hidden haiku committee refrigerator; refrigerator

    Murphy can't count
    Frieder tries to count syllabus
    $4 to Joe
    Anyone who has made a haiku today

Nonesence; accept all forms of commission

    When has that stopped us before?
    $4 to egorelik

For the lulz; to do lulzy things with KGB members around campus

    $6 to Craig

Anticommittee; to run after and into other committees

    Batman doesnt' know science
    When a mommy particle and a daddy particle
    $4 to Joe
    Everyone who is antimatter today

Reclaim the American soil SOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYLLLLLLLL FOR THE MOTHERLAND for the king/queen delete whichever is inappropriate; we all know who it should belong to

    But don't corporations already own Americans
    $4 to Joe

Downunder; Australia, fuck Britain

    So this one time ________
    So Botany bay is a thing
    $2 to Mike

Committee to Protect the Rec Sec; To like Skye more

    Passed apparently
    $2 to Frieder

Ugh; Rounded, lax, in the back

    Nature of Language Committee Approves
    $1 to Murphy

Continuity Errors; to point out errors in films and real life

    Within the first 30 seconds of Gotham....
    Point out errors and cry in pain
    $1 to Mike

KGB Rifles Association; Do I really have to say?

    Lightsabers and everything
    Nerf Wars

Motion to create an allocation not to exceed $50 for the second event Motion to create an allocation not to exceed $50 for the first event

One foot in front of the other; happy feet

    We can do it? 
    $1 to Frieder

Zora is everyone's favorite Cor Sec

Motion to dock Frieder's pay

Frieder has been banned from these minutes for Sheer dumbassery

Real relevant announcements!

    EXEC wants to take out the Freshmeat -- meet in the Morewood Courtyard a 5:30 on Friday
    For the Lulz -- Next Thursday Mike is handing out bubble wrap