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Officer Reports!

   Marlena dropper her phone
   Stuart ran off with Frieder
   Zora has been hiding
   Skye had a weekend
   Dillon watched a shitty movie
   Frieder had a weekend, ws captured by Stuart

Old Business!

   The I had a weekend committee reports that you had a weekend too!!!!!
   Korra will take days from you 
   The booth committee has books now!!!!!
   Read My Giant
   Shit I read the Tartan is laughing it's ass off at Criminal Mischiefs
   The ad hoc brian bleach committee reports that Shel Silverstein used to draw for Playboy
   There is a party as Roselawn 7 on Saturday at 9 pm

Now it's time for the thing!!!! Who has the thing? Frieder says Stuart has the thing.... Stuart had the thing, then Murphy got the thing. CtFwS Rules failure is not Murphy's fault this week. (And Mike is sad, their Thing speach was stolen.)

Replace Korra with Quora?

    Do you know how much work that is for me? Literally none. 

Train lovers; be a train fanatics?

    The misappropriated spoken song lyrics committee reports crazy train
    That passed!     
    $2 to Frieder

What; Yes

    Zepellins are awesome
    $5 to Stuart

Physicists and Electrical Engineers; networking?

    Lower the temperature to a range in which the superconductors can properly operate
    And the superconductors have been appended to this conmmittee
    $2 to Joe
    The molecule

Stay warm in the winter; by playing CtFwS and wearing felt for clothing

    The ad hoc pittsburgh weather machine committee
    The skyentologies committee is excited
    $2 to Stuart
    Anyone who is cold at the moment you want to do something in the name of the committee

Arctic temperatures; to protect the rights of people convinced that hot is too hot

    It was like 40 degrees outside and i bought ice cream
    $8 to Gorelik
    Anyone who believes 70 degrees or higher is the end of the world

Use CtFwS stuff in an unapproved manner?

    Out of order? 
    Marlena gives up and Stuart takes over
    Stuart is dragged away and Mike takes over

Syntax and Murphology; to promote puns and murphological awareness

    Motion to salute
    $10 to Murphy

Celebrate Murphy's Birthday; to celebrate someone else's birthday and Bring a cake that murphy can't eat

    $6 to Frieder

Poof ninjas secret army; to collect al the ninjas that come out of CtFwS and make an army

    $3 to Frieder
    All the secret ninjas

Type-theorists; to be the real syntax and semantics committee but with more progress

    Give it up, you're outnumbered, everyone's a linguist!
    Motion to corrupt this type
    $4 to Gorelik
    Everyone in a semantic discipline

Groanworthy Tv and Food puns; it's always sunny in PhillyCheesestake

    $1 to Frieder

The next pun Murphy's gonna make; we have to hear Frieder's voice...

    Requeesting a report from the Filibuster committee
    $1 to Murphy

Cows and Corn; the midwest

    Adam West has probably eaten both cows and corns
    $3 to Mike
    Innovative Technologies

Comittee to have a Committee; to absorb and chair other committees

    Shadow corp has their fingers in everything
    $5 to Joe
    The Shadow Corp

Woodchuck; Alcohol Exec

    Don't opperate tools drunk
    $1 to Joe
    The woodshop

The practical application of Xeno's paradox as a safety tool; to protect our fingers by ensuring they never come in contact

    Ummmm physics? 
    $3 to Stuart
    Anyone whos fingers have never come into contact with a spinning metal saw

Hey that's now how it works; Frieder, Frieder?

    $20 to Frieder

Allocation not to exceed $75 for supplies for this week's event

Redundant; when has that stopped us before

    Motion to purple
    Out of order? 
    Fixed point? 
    $2 to Murphy
    No one

Shit movie; fighting shitty movies with gymnastics and bad movies

    Lots of bad movies
    Soooo many bad movies
    $1 to Mike
    Anyone who sees a bad movie

Fails for lack of a second; that

    $3 to Frieder

Real Relevent Announcements Pertaining to the KGB as an organization!

    CtFwS is happening!!!!!! Friday at 7 pm in WEH 7500!!!!!!!!!!! (note: not DH 2315) 
    We're taking the fence! Come hang out at the fence with us!