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Officer Reports

   Marlena has a vest
   Skye is Stuart who has pink hair and writes kernels
   Zora is Mike and we have an event -- TRIVIA??? in PHA18* on Friday at 7
   Ed is Zora who is not here
   Skye it's SNOWING
   Dillon is tired and not working right now
   Frieder, sadly, is here

The itty bitty kitty committee would like to provide a cat if you need one The ad hoc literally allergic to everything committee is also allergic to cats The suburban white girls of america committee is ecstatic to trade it our pumpkin spice lattes for pepermint mochas The Christmas is war on thanksgiving committee reports JINGLE BELLS The misappropriated innovative technologies committee would like to report that the entire watchtower fell asleep on the weather machine lever The suburban white girls of america committee tels us about seasonal flavors all year

Joe had the thing, Dillon now has the thing

Heroine attic; power girl, miss marvel, thor, so many heroines

    With attic
    The suburban white girls of america committee reports unacceptable
    $2 to Frieder
    Frieder and heroines

Call the question; pretty much that

    The question's been called
    $2 to Frieder

Physicians and radio broadcasters; Hertz?

    $1 to Murphy

The cluster refugee committee; we are sad

    Actually a facebook group
    $1 Dillon
    Everyone in cluster

Motion to purple and replace marlena?


Winter ISN'T coming; Stop playing holiday music + a cpoy of sleigh ride

    Change the purpose to "it's already here?"
    The Kiltie band has been playing Christmas music since October
    *Josh is playing Christmas carols
    The suburban white girls of america committee reports a combination of excitement and dread
    $1 to Frieder

The Law of Small Numbers; whatever Frieder's was but the other way around

    I am now McGinnis committee reports "we can always find a bigger number" 
    Ultrafinitist committee wants proof!
    $2 to Dillon
    A small number of people

Law of Big Numbers; if enough people sing, the right note will happen

    Tabled indefinately

Christma-kwanzika; because this is how we Jew it

    Frieder is an asshole
    $1 to Frieder
    Anyone who loves Christmas more than Hanukkah

Ahhhhhhh; Why didn't you have a weekend? +3 seconds

    Joe had a weekend
    Whats a weekend? 
    $20 to Ed
    Ed and anyone else who has a job

Fetivus; to recognize the existance of Festivus

    It's a good idea? 
    Motion to table until the first KGB meeting after the next Festivus
    $1 to Murphy
    Nonreligious holiday fanatatics

Motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for supplies for this event

Holiday; season long holiday in honor of the flying spaghetti monster

    The Skyentologies committee in conjunction with the church of the flying spaghetti monster is proud to announce a new flying spaghetti monster -- DON'T EAT IT
    $1 to Joe
    All dwarves

Well that backfired; we've started holiday discussion! + Christmas and Chanukkah

    Motion to create the Thanksgiving Committee? 
    $6 to Murphy

Motion to replace Frieder as Seargant at Arms

Registration Woes; 15 backups

    Those classes where the waitlist is bigger than the class size
    $2 to Frieder
    Frieder and only Frieder

Russian New Year's; to promt the tree

    The out of order committee is chaired by assholes
    $1 to Frieder

KGB Stuco; 98-404: Having fun is serious fucking business

    $1 to Frieder
    Teachers of the StuCo

I think, therefore I am; I'm not

    And poof, DeCartes disappeared
    $1 to Joe
    All who are

Motion to make an allocation not to exceed $15.99 for Frieder's leash

Is this tax fraud; Ed wanted to use the KGB to donate

    Tax Fraud
    Shadow Corp would be happy to take your money
    $1 to Murphy
    No one

Tepporary School of Serious Business; to teach all Tepper students to sing Solidarity whenever someone says work

    $1 to Joe

Solidarity; forever

    Solidarity forever!
    CtFwS rules and CtFwS boundaries have a fight
    The Evil Seafood League misses Mike so much
    $6 to Frieder

Real Relevent

    We have an event! TRIVIA??? at Friday on 7 in PHA18*
    Come to Booth Meetings          
    We have clothing!!! Pay for your things!


    Take the KGB Stuco 98-404
    The Shadow Corporation is staring ominously into your soul
    Zora is doing a study
    Nerf war is happening!