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Officer Reports

    Marlena had a break --- Texas and Gulf of Mexico
    Stuart had a break in Puerto Rico
         Eve, Val's sister, goes to Smith, thinks too hard
    Mike is not here
         Shelby oh man had a break though!
    Zora had a break and it was not restful
    Skye had a break
    Dillon had a break and it was amazingly nothing
    Frieder had a break

Committee Reports

    Dad puns and Cats -- when a cat tries to make pancake batter he has to use his whiskers
    The I love My parents but committee spent the spring break hanging out with Mom and her friends "Wohoo Spring Break!"
    Socially Awkward Committee -- My actions are not endorsed when you have a consultant on site from USSR
    Tropical Lovers committee is happy to wear TShirts
    Hackathon TShirt committee -- just all of it everywhere
    Nominations Committee has to report -- we're nominating
    Booth Committee -- builds
    Bad prosititution committee has a report

Steven has the thing, Stuart wants the thing

    Roll call vote

Old Business

    Real Serious Business, bylaws change
    18-2-1 it passes

Roll Call the Question; to make any calls to the question roll call votes

    The question's been called
    Committee names are not law
    ** Marlena Weeps quietly ***
    Passes by abstention     
    $6 to Ed

Stupid History; nothing says irony like a bunch of rich white kids singing solidarity forever

    You've never been in a Union?      
    Have you ever been in an onion? 
    $2 to Frieder
    Murphy and Frieder

Reunballancing parentheses; Joe does a dumb thing

    $3 to Stuart
    Curly braces

Spring work; [class]

    Motion to purple
    Unmatch the brackets? 
    $1 to Frieder
    All CMU students

Healthy Science Testing; to not puke while testing the moment of inertia theory

    It's a good idea
    Linear intertia?
    Find a teacup
    Physics physics physics
    Goats goats goats
    $10 to Meghan

KGB Ethical Experiments; to make sure that we hold us the highest order of magnitude of truthiness when we stand by our one true phrase

    We need to file a report with the IRB
    Motion to give Frieder a PhD and end the world
    $2 to Mike
    Mike, Frieder, Steven

Shit my grandma says; I'm 90, I had 3 scotches and I feel nothing

    Cards against hummanity
    Ha grandmothers
    $2 to Erin
    Anyone who has a hilarious thing said by their grandmother

Motion to create a standing rule for a hand signal for too far

I like my parents buttt; 1 t or 2?

    $2 to Frieder
    Anyone with parents

Committee that is redundant with the KGB as a whole; Now that the KGB is redundant with this committee, motion to disband the KGB

    Tabled for 3 weeks

50 Relatives; worse than yours

    Hetalia US edition
    $1 to Frieder

Build a committee chair


Motion to build a cher; to build a committee cher

    If you take all the committees and put them together
    Laser chair? 
    $3 to Ethan
    Hatsune Miku

Over the waterfall; **hand signal? **

    $1 to Frieder
    Anyone who works on booth

Motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for supplies for this weeks event

Getcho Move On; Booth Booth Booth

    Haha dancing
    You thought I could dance
    $2 to Frieder
    People who dance on a regular basis

Pentagon Armed Forces Hostess Jello Association; their number

    Why yes I would like 10 Jello Hostesses please
    $2 to joe
    Jello Hostesses

Real Relevant Announcements

    We have an Event!
    Get Board Get Carded -- PH A18*
    HvZ Is Happening
    If you are interested in exec next semester, you should come to Exec! 4:30 on Wednesday UC 306


    Greek Sing is on Saturday