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KGB Mins 1.15.2018


       -Went home and did nothing
       -On a mountain with no wifi and was sad
       -Visited HS, AP Bio teacher claimed that one of the climate-change deniers is teaching AP ES, Ian Noclipped into his train
       -Learned how to Knit, wandered Manhattan
       -Stack of math on desk went from annoying to comically large
       -Saudi Arabia unbanned movies, first thing to get imported is "Captain Underpants"/"Emoji Movie" double-feature
       -Work week's worth of co


   -Re-introduce Ishlamari to the Star Wars Canon
       -Oh god why does Henry want these back
   -Exciting Speedrun Categories
       -Putt Putt Goes to the Zoo, Any %, No out-of-bounds
   -Welcome To Hell
       -Welcomes everyone
   -Cousin Bonding Activities
   -Booth Committee
       -Tool Training will happen next week
   -Shit Shigeru Miyamoto Says
       -Via Clickhole: "Often when I see ads for Porn games, they say not to cum, but the goal seems to be to cum, so yes, I would call that bad game design"


   -The Thing
           -Kate amost falling down the stairs in Mellon while shouting "watch out for the ice on the stairs"


   -Official KGB Paddles Committee
       -Purp: Sieze Me Daddy
       -Do Ukelelies count as paddles?
       -$4 Fable
       -Chair: Mommy
   -Anthems Committee
       -*Fable leads Solidarity Forever*
       -$3 Liam
       -Chair: Steve Banon
   -Ambiguously motivating Committee
       -Ambiguously motivating quotes
       -$1 Joe
       -Chair: Saitama's DIary
   -Speedrun Categories You Might Not Have Heard Of Committee
       -Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Dank%
       -Portal Cube %
       -Getting over it With Bennet Foddy: Snake%
       -$4 M
       -Chair: Person who discovered every Twilight Princess Glitch
   -Lewd Letter Transposition
       -Purp: Transpose U and M on an official CMU document
       -Newpurp: Transpose the U and M in a "Carnegie Mellon University" logo on an official document
   -Motion to repeal the Standing Rule that Makes THE SENATE have to eat out of the Trash dressed as a raccoon
       -Allocation for next week's event was made
       -NOT INDEFINITEY Tabled
       -MOTION PASSED, THE SENATE may now eat normally
   -Allocation for potluck happen, passed with no objecion
   -My House Hates Me
       -Oven caught fire and promptly exploded, water heater broke, also burst pipe
       -Rauen is kicked out of the way by a repairman, being a hard thing on the floor of the laundry room
       -M's sister stepped out of the shower and through the floor
       -$3 Nick
       -Anyone else with ways that their home breaks
   -Comics are Bullshit Committee
       -I read DC
       -The Green Lanterns can be defeated by the color yellow
       -"Webcomics are something eviler than Art"
       -PASSED by Cam's sick burn
       -$4 Henry
       -Chair: Henry, Zoom, Kid Zoom, and Professor Zoom
   -KGB Comic Committee
       -Publish a comic regarding or not regarding the KGB
       -$3 M
       -Chair: Anyone who doesn't believe that CAD is the most comic comic
       -Potluck will be in
           -A room?  Porter doesn't exist
           -Also, THE SENATE, Twilight Imperium is not a food item
           -Builds will be announced once the poll closes on Friday
       -DUES are a thing, also clothing
       -Exec mtgs in UC 329
       -Ellen runs exec now?