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   Ian had a weekend.
   Dez is not here. Jonathan is fake Dez. had a weekend. what did i do this weekend. shit i forgot this part about being a Dez. I feel like someone here had a more exciting weekend. Physics yeah I made The Thing into a pendulum.
   Kate had a weekend. Wasn't exciting.
       Event happening this friday if we find it. Help us Find the Event. Meet at WEH 5421, Friday Sept 28. The registrar lost the event. It's somewhere and we don't know where.
   Ellen had a weekend. Mother Wean protected our S'mores and Bomb Lab was a blast. Pravda.
   Janny had weekend. Ate 10 bananas. 2 Diderot posts made public.
   Aren had a weekend. Normal weekend. Sick and Bomb Lab is blowing Aren up. Go to the TOC.
   Mitchell had a weekend. Bomb Lab lasted. In class: "Fig a: jog (kink)" "I came to class today and a bunch of guys were kinking"


   kinks probably won't drag the market but theres correlation that it probably does
       Ninteno stock jumps and Conry shits rule the market
   Ad hoc good boy com + misappropriated ross coker memorial com
       Saw him. Recruiting for Quora. There's a picture on Is This Ross?
       more people hold bitcoin than bitcoin is mined. this is news
   Comics are bullshit
       star wars infinity comic. luke is frozen to death and no one saved him. nothing changed that much. vader shot in the head and died and froze to death or something.
   Ad hoc I'm a mathematician and hate my life
       someone again said they solved the riehmann hypothesis. bet $20
   Stupid history
       Ming treasure fleet. build around 1400 in Ming dynasty China. most advanced one at the time. Used it to reach as far as South Africa. Brought a Giraffe to china and emperor was a very big fan so sent fleet out to get more Giraffe. There's nothing more than giraffe that china can beat so they burned the fleet.
   Stupid pr facts + comics are bullshit
        25th anniversary. evil ranger kiled rangers so he can create a ranger team to take over the world. copied to saban's storyline but can't kill rangers cause it's a kid's show. alien wants to shatter barriers between universes. robot prs take over and the current cast go to the antidimension to stop him with the help of older rangers. it was alright. not as good as the comic books which are significantly better.
       we're maybe building a booth. you guys tell us next week. people who can vote = paid dues before this meeting + don't have debts made within the last 60 days. booth is fun!! we've done it almost every year except for some point in the 90s. it's a good way to bond + relieve stress! if you're interested or really really like carpentry or art, then come next week and voice your opinions. if interested in being a booth chair, let kate know
   Culinary standards + learn to live love life again
       recommend the restaurant in the carnegie museum of art. good lunch
       Cory worked there for a year. really good but unreasonably expensive.
   misapp Ross Coker memorial
       oh he's in the group
   ad hoc what the fuck
       genderbent bowser is a big thing recently. i'm not sure why
   ad hoc com to make a horrible mistake since nobody made this horrible mistake yet
       hello mr pawesident. *goran slams into a corner and stands dangerously on a spinny chair in a corner*
   ad hoc big foot lover
       20 reported kissings of bigfoot. all are too shaky cause too focused on the smooches
   i'm a mathematician & i hate my life + nicholas rauen
       analysis aAEEEAAAEIIAAAAaaAA
       analysis yay. algebra AEAEAaAaAEEAaaAA


   The thing:
       Jonathan has the thing. Rauen want teh thing. not fault=standing in line for job fair to get a job doing nothing at all.
       Fault = career fairs' existence
   Orders of the day:
       18 Sept 2017:
           C: Asher memorial
           P: Dabbing. it's what's for dinner.
               *A lot of aggressive dabbing in the audience*
               Dylan for $25. Chair = The one, the only Asher Silverglade
       It's been exactly 5 minutes. Goran can come back. Goran comes back to seat.
       10 Sept 2018:
           #define "i play pot of greed" = table for two weeks and draw two cards
           Point of precedence. Point of privilege. Point of peaches; they're delicious. [floating point].
           Table for two weeks: Passed


   Standing rule = any standing rule can fit on a magic the gathering card but not yu gi oh card
       p of clarification = so we don't take the entire meeting explaining their standing rule
   Standing rule = any standing rule must be handed to Ian on a magic the gathering card.
       rauen has latexed the basic rule sof the archive and will be next week's pravda. has probabilistic system to call thigns from the archive but newer things have more probability. 3+ paragraphs.
       table for 5 minutes?
       table for the next full blood moon? 21 Jan 2019 midnight (Monday morning)? Passed.
   Standing rule = cannot be special summoned = [etc]
   Motion to create magic the gathering 5 card etc.
   Standing rule = at most 3 standing rules proposed per meeting
       guys please. at some point people are dead.
       send this to the archive? dilatory
       amend: at least 3 standing rules proposed per meeting? ignored.
       #define sitting rule= standing rule? no.
       replace 3 by a blank to be filled by general body. => 1st hex of hashed of previous minutes
   Allocate money for this week's event
       it's a good idea
   Alloc <= $5 to buy cheetos
       it's a good idea
       just because it's made doesn't mean it has to be used
   C: brain imaging
   P: pretty much that
       we're 3 floors too high for that. has that ever stopped before
       P: imaging for people who're too high at that point in time? yes
       C: braiiiiiins imaging? nah
       C: braaaaaainz imaaaaaaging? yes
           C: braaaaaainz imaaaaaaging
           P: imaging for people who're too high at that point in time
           Matt for $6. chair=Chase.
           "you have a committee now" Chase"wait what the fuck"


   Event: 7pm meet at the meeting room. we have an event except we don't have it
   Booth: come to meeting next week if you really want booth to happen/not happen
   Booth chair: message kate on fb or email kate
       Do booth chairs need to be members in good standing?
   Zombies = 1st week of Mini 2 semester. Tell Em if you want to be a mod. Come play and ruin your friends' week. Ruin everybody.
   6/7 of KGB Exec (CMU is hard and Dez is on fire). Meet on Thursday at 6pm in UC 329. Open if you wanna see how and if we function. Bring food.


   M: alloc 1 fire extinguisher to Dez so we can put him out
       out of order
   Do you have deep mistrust in your friends? Want to stab them? ITR on Saturday.
   Board game club.
   Shelby going to TOC to represent PNC. "Don't make me look bad"
   Aren wants to watch Nichijou with everyone. Message Aren.
   Dylan will be at TOC repressenting Greenhill software. have a tech talk Tuesday 6pm WEH 6405. IoT is gonna be very bad and will stop it from being very bad.
   Culinary standards = China man and American men = mid autumn festival, Liam will go get Chinese food at Szechuan Gourmet.
   Rauen is creating a bunch of rules. If you have bad additional rules, can save time and pass them all in one go. Use weird archive shitposting.