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   Ian had a break. justyn, the boy, came over and stayed at house with parents. they're like ah yeah he's like a good boy. went to same place for thanksgiving. nothing about furry happened. traditional thanksgiving experience: heated political argument at the end. for some reasons, conversation about some documentaries about what if ww2 germany had more access to scientists. tried to engage justyn, a physicist, about opinions on nuclear war. 
       justyn "uh uhh. it's bad?"
   someone thought it was boring so doubled down.
       "what's your opinion on legalization of marijuana"
       justyn "eh" 
       "but we just got rid of cigarettes. when i was in high school, you couldn't go into the bathroom without being full of cigarette smoke? can you go to school bathroom without cig smoke? then you don't understand."
           "there might be economic benefits"
       "we tried it in atlantic city."
           "that's not a fair analogy"
           "what's your opinion on sex ed"
       "it's a bodily function"
       "alcohol is a liquor, not a drug"
       then went to an arcade to play rhythm game that has guns.
           Liam "finally a rhythm game that can catch on in america"
   Dez had a weekend. went to DC and stayed there in the same house the whole time. great cause get to not move and not do a whole lot. no new people don't have to do shit.
   Kate had a break. got on greyhound to go home, ray being there. watched girl who got dragon maid with anime titties. surprisingly wholesome. spent time with family which is always exciting. dad insulted mom's whole family. conversation about aunt about learning to communicate from kids not her parents. surprisingly wholesome. end of report. oh shit you right. 
       Event: Ice Cream Socialism XOR Vidja
           complications. not sure if we can obtain liquid nitrogen. every effort to make it happen, even if it's next semester. 
           if we can't have ice cream, will have video game night. 
           if no video game night, usually play video game afterwards anyway. will be chill. 
           will let you know when and where by the end of tues/wed
   Ellen had a break. visited grandparents in florida. nice weather. mass two times. thankgiving = speedrun mass = no music, which cuts it down by about half. now i'm back. 
   Janny had a break. it was filled with sleep. for my nlp class i had to implement a grammar, meaning i could generate sentences randomly. most of them are shit, but the grammatical ones include "I am my sacred legs" and "no person is moistened"
       Hash is 6.
   Aren is not here. 
   Jonathan wanna be Aren but is not Aren. please help. Liam "p of privilege, i'm already Aren"
   Jonathan "if you hit me, i will become Aren"
       I had a break. kinda just stayed here. you know i'm gonna be seeing the same limited family for a couple of weeks for a whole month. dad came to visit 2 weeks ago. relaxing break. recommends not having to deal with thanksgiving. i am the shield. 
   Mitchell had a weekend. went home for thanksgiving. fierce competition for t shit designs. well just kidding.


   C: for wearing kgb swags
       continued failure. noticed people were looking at me.
   C: i'm a physicist and i hate my life
       very cold things. 
       icicle senior. 3rd ice themed villain on the flash. absolute zero again. got infinite phds. also gun that shoots absolute zero. use it to rob banks. dressed up in a parka with really nice hood and glasses of explorers in the arctic. robbed banks in the only city that has the flash. he could have just sold it for infinite money.
       p of science: if a particle is at absolute zero, it would be everywhere
   C: super trash bros
       hacked and released online
   C: ad hoc nepotism
       during thanksgiving. got to hear aunt, an actual member of house of rep, talking about hating someone
   C: stupid pr facts
       names. certain things you leave in japanese cause if you don't it sounds stupid. "kyuranger" would have become "ninerangers". "shinkenger" would be "serious ranger"
       they also do things with team member names. in "kyoryuger", 1st letter of team members spell out dinosaurs. if you take japanese one, it spells dinosaur in japanese. 
       lupinrangers = member names forms "kaitou", police = "keisatsu"
       p of info: glad to see dc backronym intern has a new career in pr
   1VP: new member
       Skye. not a cmu student, was doing computer science somewhere else. from pittsburgh. my pants are blue.
   C: support group for ex-choir kids
       cousins don't have piano. will do it this week.
   C: namespace collision
       ah yes. now another skye who's not a cmu student but also in computer science
   C: ad hoc kgb historians
       used to have worse. mike m? emailed mike murphy ended up emailing student affairs mike murphy
       "hey mike, i think you mean a different mike. thanks, mike"
   C: stupid history
       something we covered in past years: bad forms of government
       tetrarchy. roman emperor. east + west, each with subemperors. each given a quarter of roman empire. made it wasier, but each person got their own army and wanted to be the emperor of rome. had a tournament. fight! then a new tetrarchy was born. it happened again adn then we got constantine. 
   C: ad hoc george rr martin god?
       follow up: that's the plot of game of thrones
   C: woody memorial
       christmas soon. 63 days = funeral. jan 28th, moved from july 3rd. 
   C: connor memorial
       funeral needs a body. not necessarily mine.
   C: misapp. kushal vampire lord. 
       can put not necessarily all the way dead person into the funeral
   C: misapp. george r martin god
       in the last week, part 1 of history book that seems to be more enjoyable. half of it is just roman history ripoff. 
   C: ad hoc shonen jump is shonen
       battle royale is not true if it doesn't span two seasons and a movie, with protag fighting the rival and teaching them about friendship
   C: ad hoc 
       woody memorial: middle of the ? is international waters


   The thing
       goes to Liam
           not fault = sports anime
           fault = sports without anime and anime without sports.
   Orders of the day
   1. #define i play pot of greed
   2. time capsule
       append P: this committee is brought to you by r7 colonial, i'm a physicist and i hate my life, stupid history, comics are bullshit, stupid power ranger facts, culinary standards, 
       insert after "oracle": registered, trademark, creative commons, etc
       append P at the end: if you like it, consider tabling this for another 5 year
       at various points in the sponsor list, append: broken records
       p of advice: if this comes up, table for 1 week. we table for 20 years if we table it for 1 week fails. 
       m: two copies of the motion. 
           can't have exact copies.
       table for 1 week and deal with it then.


   alloc <=$50 for food and supplies for this week's event
       it's a good idea
       objection: kgb libertarian doesn't recognize quantum money. we need a firm idea on what to spend money on
           this is probablistic, not quantum
   C: kellyanne conway appreciation
   P: requesting a report from Ian
       "y'all are at least 4 degrees of separation from donald trump. someone called her auntie"
       m: denounce all graphs
           been denounced
       math privilege com: cs is just solved parts of math and physics
           cs has unsolved!!
       passed by abstention.
       $2 to Dez. chair=separation exactly 12 from kellyanne conway

   C: focus group on getting away with murder
   P: workshop your political agendas
       m: ban woody from this club
       p of info: if you have a committee and meetings and take minutes, janny will post it
       $6 to Dez. chair=actual chair of kushal vampire lord com (woody)
   C: make janny's life incrementally worse for no purpose whatsoever
   P: wikipedia has 88 thousand articles. need com to discuss all of them
       p of info: if you have committee and meeting, YOU make the minutes. janny POSTS the minutes.
       P:replace the word "for no purpose whatsover" with "for exactly this one purpose:"
       $2 to Henry. chair=vornskyr of the planet mykr
   C: nihilism
   P: vat. v r nihilists. zat is no purpose.
       $2 to Cory. chair=jackie treehorn


   event: either ice cream socialism or vidja 
       will let you know as soon as you know.
       will have sign up sheet for games, on facebook
   let liam know about dietary restrictions or allergies
   kgb exec. there's usually also aren. meetings thursday 6pm in uc329. meetings are open. agendas have wordart in it now. as long as formatting doesn't get in the way of what we do, it's ok. bring food.


   super sentai with matt!! likely sometime over finals week. 
       "it's sentai and it's art"
       "sentai with senpai"
   grand strategy war games. civilization 5 with henry. team of 3. want large number of people. sometime over break.
   m: formally denounce matt if he doesn't call the event "sentai with senpai"
   scs puzzlehunt. february. puzzles about courses from cs track.
   "hi i'm cory and several of you are my friends. some of you doesn't know me that well. if you are a nihilist, likes russian, vaginal art, etc will watch lebowski"