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   Ian woke up. It was 12pm. But it was 12.06am. But it was actually 3pm! Saw ads on facebook messenger for secret service. Not using my phone today.
   Dez had a weekend. Vidya night. Rome north of Macau. France north of Macau. Australia in the middle.
       new ppl:
           Brandon. CS major. Singapore. did CtFwS last year. 
   Kate had a weekend and a few minutes before meeting. People walked in asking if it's a CPDC event. they put this room on handshake.
       Event: Bitterness party. cheap valentine chocolate. Friday PH A18.
       CtFwS: 2-3 weeks, March 1. interested in judging --> tell Kate...........
   Ellen had a weekend. Matlab. if you know how to use matlab, submit to pravda. 
   Janny had a last week. On Wednesday night, did some calligraphy, and a friend put a picture of it on her snapchat. Next day, her roommate, who is an SCS day staff, texted me "hi hi <friend> sent me a photo of ur calligraphy and its SO GOOD heart eyes heart eyes heart eyes You should make a piece and submit for the scs day art gallery!!!" And my calligraphy said "eat ass suck a dick and sell drugs"
   Aren had a weekend. dance evolution. friend's birthday party who went to duquesne. talking about what's your major. aren's the only person from cmu. guy "do you know tim flaherty" aren said yeah, he said "haha he's my dad." that's my whole weekend.
       if you shoot coins in cup you win! Mitchell did!
   Mitchell had a weekend. birthday. nothing happened after that. 
   3VP: Dez. man we did really well. sabotaged CIA and still here.
   4VP: Tim, former 8vp for summer1. still a lime green milk crepe


   c: i can't believe it's not registered
       joinpawshake.com can be purchased. pawshake.com is taken. 
       pawshake.pw only .40 cents a year
       m: allocat-
           out of order
   c: stupid pr facts
       - new season of super sentai: kishiryu sentai ryusoulger!!!
       - lupinranger vs patoranger just ended last weekend and there is a four episodes mini series airing for the next few weeks before starting ryusoulger.
       - name translates to "knight dragon sentai ryusoulger" and its theme is dinosaurs
       - dinosaurs are a common theme but surprisingly only a few so far: zyuranger=mmpr, abaranger=pr dino thunder, kyoryuger=dino charge/super charge, plus a korean adaptation
       - normally super sentais have ending themes, during which the rangers dance, either in their human forms or ranger forms. this year's super sentai, lupinranger vs patoranger, is the first recent season that doesn't have it. but the upcoming ryusoulger will have it!
       - most importantly, blue ranger wears a big bright blue wig
       - and the green ranger's actor was born in 2002. we're all old.
   c: assassinate the president
       new recruit, ian's alarm clock, does it job well
   c: misapp stupid history
       andrew jackson's parrot removed from his funeral because it wouldn't stop swearing
   c: ad hoc who are the real weebs?
       dialects in japan. kansai = west. instead of "des" they end with "desuu" as long as they want to. therefore who are the real weeb
   c: suru suru ben
       dialect in japan not understandable by anyone and unpronouncable to anyone. sounds like mumbling. kinda racist.
   c: i'm a physicist and i hate my life
       episode of jojo. normally com report for henry. on this episode of jojo, gang themed and someone pulled a prank where it would be rude to not drink urine. turned tooth into a jellyfish, absorbed all of it cause it's 95% water. that's not how fluids work
   c: not misapp stupid history + ww2 history
       japanese naval war. us + japan built battleships. big = yamato battleships. fired gun at surface target once. exactly once. firing at a small troop around the philippines. turned around cause thought it's a whole troop. tohught it was useless. used to run aground and shoot on land. didn't get to shore, sunk from submarine.
       Ian: putnam, team name = yamato. mind games, would put hands in the middle of the table and shouted "bushido!!!" a lot of people were confused.
   c: "booth" 
       back up tool training + rebuilding mini fence day. important for freshmen + ppl who've never done booth before! will have an email + when2meet. please look out for that email
   c: ad hoc whitewashing controversy
       battle angel. enhanced character eyes so they look animu as fuck
   c: corrections
       correction on previous stupid history
       actually sunk by bombers, found by submarines. didn't make it to okinama from the philippines
   c: why did they oh no
       will smith in new aladdin movie
       he's the genie they just painted him blue.
   c: academic integrity
       thank you the stupid history com for keeping your academic integrity standards very high
   c: ad hoc japan number one
       that ship is somehow japan's national symbol and make anime real
   c: further expanding on this topic
       most of the battleships on the us and japan side, they decided these were useless. turned them into aircraft carriers
   c: kancolle
       now they're anime too. waifus
   c: sad
       handed the attendance sheet but name's on top. why. 


   The thing
   (meta2) at harry
   (meta3) goes to liam
           not fault= pawshake.com being registered
           fault=handshake and joinpawshake not being registered
   Orders of the day
   c: discreetly ask the president how much alloc to make for ctfws
   p: basically that
       tabled for 2 weeks
   #define i play pot of greed
       tabled for 2 weeks.


   c: ICAN't believe it's not registered
   p: purchase domain under $1 to redirect to kgb main page
       which ones are we looking at?
           is it illegal to register kgb under harryqbovik?
       $4 to Liam. chair=liam and anyone else who's actually willing to do this
   c: rule 222
   p: if it exists somehow, anime girls are connected to it
       222 = how many ni's are in niconico nii
       p of ww2 bullshit. 222 = certain german scout car. pretty sure there's an anime girl for it already.
       rauen's name "nick" hard to pronounce. called "nico" by chinese people. they call him nico nico nii
       $4 to Raun. chair=all my shitty weeb coworkers
   p of info
       hey liam do you know committees require an allocation
   m: alloc <=$4 for purchasing a domain name for this committee
       aren will allow it this time.
       website committee would like to approve.
       c: ICAN't believe it's not registered
           report: a pawshake domain name purchased
   m: run the archive
       N=17, item 5
       c: everyone is dead
       p: poyo
           super trash brothers, about everyone dying except for kirby
           amend p: mario is literally deceased.
               ah none no seconds
           super trash brothers report: goku only crossover with shonen jump characters. can't know if goku can defeat thanos. 
           if you consider legal lawsuits as valid crossovers, fortnite had crossovered with a lot of things
           $1 to Tim. chair=Ian and anyone else who has died a partial death due to poyo
   m: alloc <=$50 for this week's event
       it's a good idea
   Ian's email: website performance cmukgb.org
   Hello cmukgb
   I'm a certified web analytics professional holding some exact information you are looking for your website.
   My marketing research team came across your website, where they found some generic aspects of online promotion that has been broadly ignored.
   Hold on! Before you think this is crap, I am talking something of real sense to your website.
   It’s fact that over 85% of online searchers focus on the 1st page of any search engine results. If your website does not make it to the first page, you are losing the battle.
   Following are few points out of the lot which needs your attention.
   -       For major competitive keywords your website does not rank well.
   -       Technical Errors present on your website making it difficult for search Indexing.
   -       Contents posted on referred blogs and article websites are simply weird.
   -       Social Media efforts are lame ducks.
   If you find this intuitive, then please ask for a FREE website analysis report where a detailed insight with deliverable will be mentioned.
   I look forward to hearing from you!
   Best Regards,
   Nguyen Micheal|Marketing Consultant
   hopefully we'll get email for pawshake
   c: website
       did incognito search for cmu kgb
       first 5 are us. 
   c: KGB Executive
   p: carry out general operations to keep the kgb functioning as a whole
       m: table this to the meeting after the annual meeting
           m: table the motion to table indefinitely
           if we put it after annual meeting new exec will face this immediate
   p of info: currently 7 ppl on the cmukgb subreddit
   c: a good one
   p: a good one
       do you have to pronounce the whole thing? "make the committee a good one"
       "cracking up a good one with the boy"
       $2 to Dez. chair=whatever rauen's joke is.


   Event: bitterness party. friday 7pm. PH A18*. board games and cheap valentines day candies. more volume of the same snacks
       no chocky hearts cause not available this year
   KGB Exec: meeting Wednesday 3.30pm. UC 329. occasionally get things done. harry will probably bring bugs. stop by and have some bugs
   Liquid nitrogen night: Feb 22, get in contact with Liam if you have allergies/dietary restrictions
   Technomancer: if you'd like to start helping + take over once Cam graduates, let Cam know
   Rauen: i'd also like to graduate


   c: wiki crawl + ww2 history + who's the real weeb
       cannot find references to armored carts, etc.
       "no one wants to fuck the 222!"
   probability of pulling out a NULL pointer from the archive in some way is 13.2%
       segfaulting = bee movie script formatted to look like compiler error. doing anything immediately ends the meeting and restarts it.
   c: cars are not tigers
       m8 greyhounds are not tigers. they're heavy tanks.
   m: dilatory and/or out of order
       dilatory and/or out of order
   pile = data structure that ian came up with
       probabilistic. 100% chance of 1 item. 50% of 2 items. 100% if all 3. 0% for anything more than 3. undefined behavior = destroys hard drive. read head just goes down. fucking useless
   m: pointer to archive and put it in the archive
       out of order.