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   Still isn't a president. Who would like to be the new location of the pointer that previously held Ian when dereferenced. 
       Liam. didn't have a weekend because abstract concept cannot experience time. ctfws. loud. jump
   Dez had a weekend. CtFws. woke up to do prep for R7. muscle for T-posing sore. can't get out of bed without sore. 
   Kate had a weekend. Liam lost 200 points for team by T-posing. team still won. Saturday did not illegal thing. in fact 21. great time.
       Event: not kate's problem, haha
           Unimportant films. Friday 7pm. Dh A302, likely. will see what registrar does. 
   Ellen is not here. Kate is ellen. I'm really sad, i still live on campus so have to deal with housing service. also none of you submit to pravda. submit to pravda.
   Janny had a weekend. started with spontaneous bubble tea. then ctfws. danced at the red jail with a bunch of uncaptured yellow people. 
   Aren had a weekend. ctfws. made gummies. used human thermometer to measure temp instead of gummy thermometer.
       Aren is resigning from being a treasurer, and is quitting the org. form closes Tuesday March 19. 
   Mitchell had a weekend. overheard a conversation. talking about hot professors
       on the projector: randy bryant
           dylan gave him a nickname because he did graphs with rats, and copy pasted assignments. 


   c: misapp ctfws rules
       ray, it's not how that works. can't just capture a jail, come on
       if you have suggestions on how to make ctfws work, or wanna do dumb shit with game 4. if you're interested at all in modifying ctfws rules, tell kate or tell anyone on exec.
           exec at cmukgb dot org
   c: ad hoc i'm never gonna give this up
       that might be the case. we still know the true Objective is to capture the jail.
       p of info: are you gonna let us down
   c: im a physicist and i hate my life
       didn't buy $60 text book, he made soph physicists suffer through electronics. none of the people asked have textbook for the homework questions


   c: nominating
       Annual Meeting: Monday April 15, 2019 at 4.30pm.
           This meeting often takes more than usual, maybe until 6.30pm
       if you plan to run, submit a platform! what you wanna say to the general body. explain your qualifications, make empty promises, etc.
           not mandatory but election edition pravda may be put together. 
           Voting members
               in good standing: pay your dues, pay off all debts before annual meeting
               attended a meeting prior to annual meeting
           50% of voting members
           75% of active members
           absentee voters count towards this
               email to the proctors by 4pm, the day of election
           bring scissors to cut the ballot!
           abstain by not turning in your ballot slip, or turn in an empty ballot slip
           write numbers on the slips, rank who you prefer
           talk to exec or nom com to learn more about positions!
           nomination is from now through april 4
           if you wish to rescind, tell nom com during nomination
   nominations for today
       Dez for prez 
       Mitch for 2vp
       x Artemis for S@A
       Kushal for S@A
       James for S@A
       Mckenna for S@A
       (Ray for S@A)
       (Dez for S@A)
       Mckenna for corsec
       Janny for 1vp
       x Mitch for 1vp
       Gabe for S@A
       (nom com for prez)


   (meta3) spirit of the thing at Woody
       (meta4) goes to Shelby
           not fault=missing ctfws cause old and tired
           fault=being old and tired
   Orders of the day


   run the archive
   Feb 18, Feb 18: 
       c: wip not a zip bomb
       p: placeholder pointer to itself pointer to itself
           pointer: this motion
               pointer: this motion
                   earmark for purposes other than shadow realms
                       out of order
               passed by abstention. 
           banish to shadow realm
           $3 to Tim. chair=the super power set of a $2 bill, $1 bill, and a satisfying kaboom
   m: woody walk to shelby, give her meta3, and sit down
   m: affirm slate of proctors
       yes we trust the proctors
   m: affirm the proctors as totally lame yo
   c: liam's just jelly
   p: grapes or raspberry?
       c:culinary standards endorses strawberry
       c:culinary standards creates a pointer to the grape jelly and send it to the shadow realm
       p of info: onion jam, tomato jam, corn on a cob jam, bacon jam, etc.
           culinary standards endorses onion and tomato jams
       p of info: committee responds on corn OF the cob jam
           also condemns
       m: disband culinary standards
       $1 to Liam. chair=whatever nom com currently
   c: digital sports
   p: get ready female gaming community! high time we do something for the female consumers. stay strong. tag every female gamer you know. etc.
       "we really do live in a society"
       explanation: this morning cranium apparel posted that tweet, followed by their esport dress. 
           they revealed they didn't consult any women while making this product.
       new p: unfortunately no
           c: digital sports
           p: unfortunately no
           $1 to Liam. chair=esports dress


   we have an event! midsemester movie night. unimportant film 3. Friday 7pm. DH A302. come hang out before you leave for break
   CtFwS rules com will meet after break. let kate/someone on exec know.
   Aren is resigning as treasurer. grace period until friday. any dues/money things, come to Aren. 
       cmukgb.org/treasurer to apply to fill this vacancy. open until March 19.
       freshmen can be treasurer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you're interested in dealing with our money for a month, fill out the form
   pay your dues. pay your dues so you can vote. pay while you can. pay no later than before the meeting begins on april 8, in order to be able to vote or run
   we are kgb exec. we meet wednesday 3.30pm in uc 329. come if you're interested in how exec works. our meetings are open to the general body.
   cmukgb.org/president form expires


   c: stupid pr facts
       power rangers beast morphers!
   during meeting, artemis had fun figuring out how to opt out of mandatory arbitration agreement. when you vote in europe, you are dealing with three separate organizations. naional, european, greens (group of parties)
       fun fact: green party in the us = survey monkey