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   Dez had a break. DC. hanging out with henry & brother. oh god two of them. they just dont stop ever. they're the same man.
   Kate had a break. mostly fine. philly. hung out with mom, russian woman, not the best english. a bit socially confused. reconnected with friend who likes philly theater. went to theater with kate. turns out to be drag carbaret. mom "this...is more for the gays right"
       Event: Trivia Night ft. you fucks
           obscure random stupid topics. inform the kgb about this topic? let kate know, today hopefully. write some questions. exec or YOU will present them.
           Friday. PH A18A
       CtFwS Rules: Thursday 7pm. 
           show up if interested in making changes for rules
   Ellen. [Kansas city ads] Also have pravda.
   Janny had a break. stayed at my sister's apartment, cornell. colelge campus that doesn't exude death.
   No treasurer. Ian. Aren spent money on art supplies. throw money or toss. 
   Mitchell had a break. became a human chair


   c: ww2 history
       will do trivia category whether or not you let me
   c: to be overheard
       told goran woody's gonna assassinate the prez. got a lot of weird looks.
   c: assassinate the president
       new recruits!
       (a lot of wonderful nerf guns from the freshmen. good job freshmen.)
   c: nominating
           Woody for S@A
           Vivian for S@A
           Woody for recsec
           Rauen for S@A
           Ellen for S@A
           Liam for 1vp
           Liam for treasurer
           James for treasurer
   c: stupid pr rangers
       new season of super sentai: ryusoulger 
   c: where is cameron james wong
       not at school. didn't check text. 


   the thing
       is in Maine
       (meta4) at Shelby
       (meta3) goes to Ian
           not fault = the fact that lobsters aren't from Maine. they're from the fucking ocean.
           fault = national water around maine that's considered maine by the government, and where lobsters come from
   orders of the day
   #define i play pot of greed
       table for exactly 2 weeks


   c: confusing facebook advertisement
   p: to explore the weird ways that facebook is wrong about the contents that you want to see
       Kate - "is god calling you to be a catholic sister or nun? sign up if you're catholic single women. it only takes a few minute"
       Ian - atheists ad and furry
       Mitchell - apply to Penn State, constantly
       Rauen - maybe i should transfer to penn state
       Mckenna - top interests are education and woods
       Kate - Facebook thought Kate was pro-life, pregnant, and didn't want her baby. sent pro-life adoption services
       Liam - sponsored tweets are shitposts, tech startups, right wing nationalism
       change p: more dennis prager
       Rauen - anti feminist tennis, just tennis
       $3 to Kate. chair=kate or anyone who has stories to tell
   run the archive
       Feb 4th. 
       pointer to discussion of the standing rule that allows us to create a pointer
           m: fail this standing rule
               will still be in the book
           table for 5 years
   c: out of ord
   p: the alphabet but in the wrong order
       new c: out of order
           friendly. been done.
       m: sort name and purpose of this committee
       m: sort the phrase call to question alphabetically and do that
       c: out of order
       p: the alphabet but in the wrong order
           passed by abstention
           $4 to Janny. chair=haha now i own the out of order committee
   c: ben shapiro's favorite method of communication
   p: fax
       new p: charlie curtis' shrinking face
           friendly been changed
       passed by abstention
       $1 to Ian. chair=bean shapiro
   m: make that image of bean shapiro the fursona of this committee
   alloc <= $50 for food and drinks for this week's event
       m: append $.69 for this alloc
   Summary: alloc <= $50.69 for food and drinks for this week's event
       it's a nice idea
   c: zeno memorial
   p: impossible. everytime we need to vote to make motion succeed, need half the required vote. so any motion cannot be passed.
       ad hoc im not a math major and as a result i don't hate my life committee would like to report: :)
       call to question
           $2 to Liam. chair=one half of a person (some person, somewhere)


   kgb exec. wednesday 3.30pm in uc 329. open to public.
   nominations to fill the vacancy
       treasurer - closes today
       1veep - closes after next monday
       if you're interested in being on exec for 3-4 weeks, apply!!!
   we have an event! trivia night. if you Know Things, or "things", tell kate you wanna tell us about your bullshit. submit questions by wednesday or thursday. teach us about them!!
   CtFwS rules com: thursday 7pm, kate will let you know where it is. please tell kate if you wanna come. 
   pay your dues! if you haven't done it already. 


   when the clock doesn't say 4:20, it says 3-18=-15
   ScottyCon in March 30. tinyurl.com/scottycon2019
   itr this saturday 10pm wean 4 stab jasper
   "have i ever complained about how the cmu esports club is? they only play the big shit and it's really gross?"
   c: out of order
       out of order
   c: broken records
       seafoam green
           out of order
   rauen hosting fencing this saturday in the uc, if you wanna come and watch they'll be in wiegand, running around in a suit yelling at people