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   Dez - Useless stuff, bought a not bong. Not much else.
   Janny - Moar useless stuff, bought a handwarmer (mmmm). No laundry. Oof.
   Mitchell - Useless stuff? Made deserts, not enough lemons.
   Mckenna - Bake barter, and bought a lamp mostly for the aesthetic. No more backpack. Oof.
   Woody - Bake barter, bought many useless things. Got sick, but red eyes we're in style. #420
   James - Way too many drugs, but not actually drugs. 10 hours of magic that gathering.
   Kushal - Too many umbrellas, the cheaper the more usefull.


   Children of foreign parents support group: Kate's dad wants to drink with Dez.
   Ad hoc coolinary substandards committee: When you eat breakfast with cream cheese.


   The thing! Apparently the Metas reset. Liam had the spirit, meta two!
   - Kate took it, but its not her fault.
   Orders of the day:
   Motion to create the kgb executive committee: Bought by Woody.
   Motion to create the archive memorial comittee:
   Purpose: To recreate the archives or mourn its death.
   Tabled until september 9th
   Motion to create the "Create your own jokes" committee
   Purpose: Create your own jokes.
   Tabled for 1 week.


   Motion to #define Placeholder as objection
   Motion to create the "Cut our losses (and our pennies) already"
   Purpose: Make a new thing, Henry's not bringing it back.
   Discussion: Possible named the thingg, of type thing->bool.
   Passed: Bought by Kate, chaired by anyone around next fall.
   Motion to create the committee to assassinate the chair
   Purpose: Assinate the chair of the kgb executive committee.
   Passed: Sold to Janny, chaired by anyone interested in assassin
   Motion to #define "Cia intervention" as Mitchell Yang.
   Motion to allocate up to but not exceeding $50 for this weeks event.
   Motion to allocate up to but not exceeding $50 for goods and supplies destroyed in last years picnic.
   Grill was full of rotten meet. Yuck.
   Motion to allocate up to but not exceeding $169.69 for new board games.
   Motion to create the KGB Intervention Committee
   Purpose: Resist CIA Intervention
   Passed, Sold to woody. Chaired by Mitchell
   Motion to create the CIA Intervention Committee
   Pupose: Assinate the S@A
   Passed, Sold to Mitchell. Chaired by Dez.
   Motion to create the committee to both mourn the loss and celebrate the return of electrons.
   Purpose: Needed a place to put his pepsi bottle, then a thing popped up and the screen shut off. And also that, electrons are stupid dood.
   Passed, Sold to Tim, Chaired by Tim and his best buddy, the electron.
   Motion to mourn the archives.
   Silently mourned.


   We exec. We meet. We cool. Say hi.
   We have an event. Its GBGC. Come.


   GCS Release is happening!
   People want to go see endgame, so people should do that.