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dlstern/akiva: is Dave, has no hair. Some stuff happened. People sent us e-mail about judges. Going to the concert.

lea/jgg; incredibly busy, not here.

csjackso: Yay things: Goth twister is going well, need to do the spinny thing. Have black circles.

ddagradi: Em got a job, not passing 213.

edanaher: Failed model theory midterm, due to half-dropping it a while ago.

em: Things exist, today is arg.

cmartens: OS OS OS OS OS die.


Committee to bring KGB down from the inside reports CS homeworks.

Committee to bring KGB down from the inside reports it's sick of PH.

Old business:

This week's event, next week's event, booth, bylaws.

Booth theme: Small things made big.

Next week's event: ideas for things to add. Main idea of effigy. Should have Jewish dancing. October Revolution. Release of Godzilla in Japan, launching of first dog into space. Hamster in a hamster ball. Lego monuments, awards for best monument and destruction thereof. Should poke Meg about using legos. Need a cake and frosting. (Meet at 6:30 for more planning outside A18A). Also should have KGB's birthday party since there's cake.

Bylaws: exec should read them, especially the bit about officers and elections. They should be more available - noone can find them, should be electing people based on what their jobs are. Should make it more obvious what the officer jobs are. Vagueness in responsibilities is good, but people should know what's there, and there are other things not in the bylaws. Maybe the week before nomcom, have officers explain what they do, so they actually exist. But it's better to have flexibility and people do what they can, as long as it's clear. Note that bylaws don't matter until things go wrong. Also need to do real transition meetings. And need to reappoint bylaws committee. So can dig up who it was before, get new people. Announce at meeting, post.

This week's event: Goth twister is coming along, decorations in the office, dlstern considering picking up decorations from Target. Need to ask him. Em has a music playlist for dancing room. Can split up food between rooms; chips candy and drinks. Trick-or-treating? The frame is encouraging trick-or-treaters, but wait until the event is winding down, which could be very late.

Booth: Em will send out an e-mail asking for suggestions for our theme, to go with Small Things Made Big. Pick themes either this week or next. So should have good ideas by the end of next meeting. Interesting part: looking at 3-sided booths. Didn't happen last year because too late, but six groups interested, so may be worked in. Have walkthrough, corners, possibly 3-sided. Probably don't want to do it, but can consider it.

Booth chairs: people who are most excited and interest/experience are all sophomores and freshman. Em/Dave both second semester seniors. Em not doing carnival committee, so could booth chair. Four or five very interested underclass, with Em/Dave for organizational knowledge, could take care of it, and a real group running it. Make creative/design and effort from them, Em/Dave keep stuff working well. (Bringing up booth because people had been asking what Booth/Carnival are, lots of freshmen interested in possibly chairing.) Meeting this weekend for chairs/themes? When would we pull out? Meeting after individual theme selection, final vote. Maybe go through plot/theme selection, decide what to do, then decide if it's worth doing. Issue of idea seeming good at the time, and inertia. So meeting of specifically interested people. Go to the meeting for ideas, then vote.

CtfWS judges: csjackso can chief judge. Probably have enough judges.

dlstern: Target didn't have good cheap stuff, so right now have webbing, webbing, webbing, and streamers.

The wiki exists, should get information architecture before generally releasing.