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Event on Friday: legos? Dom e-mailed meg, no response yet. Possible mall run. Cake from Geagle, icing on Guy Fawkes. Haven't talked with bakery, since it's magical and noone works there. But instead will likely make cakes. So cake and legos are taken care of.

Also monster hand puppets. Brown paper lunch bags, BYO socks. Felty-fabricy-things? Probably enough from last time. Need to get markers.

Split up into teams, teams compete to build best stuff?

Located in BH 235, 231. Feedback was not PH.

Show Godzilla in the background.

Next week CtfWS: Stuff is probably in pretty good shape. Needs writing on it. A call for summary set for each glyph based on it. Didn't lose any watches, check to see if any broke. Also, make sure there's enough tape to put stuff up, and that judges have it. Layout change required for fixing text, jcreed was complaining about fonts. Should check on stuff at the end of the meeting.

Rules: no real changes. Alan kind of wants more stuff, most of the team doesn't have it. Shot down in the past. Enough potions, maybe more wands. More stuff leads to more concentrated stuff, not more people with stuff.

Dom should get copies of the rules to people who want to judge.

Should e-mail Readme and get on the back.

Also a room with a sink near the cage that we don't have access to. We can't technically build/paint down there, but others have access, and sink is useful for other things.

After CtFS. lea has idea for a series of puzzles, vaguely puzzle-quest-ish. People submitting puzzles has issue of quality and getting people to do it; have incentive of

Also real puzzle-event-thing-multimedia-extravaganza instead of booth.

lea had a dream with a Mystery hunt-type thing only in 3-d: get a clue, go to a shack, colored bottles on the wall, it's the next clue. Then get to build stuff, get to act, could get either Carnival committee or CMU interested because it's the MIT mystery hunt.

So mini-puzzle as an event idea, but bigger long-terms plan.

Scavenger hunt was too recent for another one.

Event contest? Last time got some ideas. Maybe have better prize for winning? Or even have a list of complicated ideas, and let people do them. Voting would be good, but dig our own graves... That's an event. Cemetery tour would be fun...

[Dan Blandford memorial event].

CtfWS: have rooms, need to send out rules, get powerpoint, check on first aid kit. Buy gatorade, chocolate bars.

Want to give the wiki skeletal structure before grand unveiling. Basic categories: History (Tales, Minutes), WhatWeDo: (CurrentEvents, EventList, WhatWeDo), Members (Officers), Information, Suzuki (Suzuki). Should have current events. Update calendar? Officer specific stuff: passing on information from year to year. Name should be KGB's collective memory. So setup schema, get it started by next meeting, then announce.

Raising profile on campus? Getting the fence? Should talk to people on the fence. Big brother is watching posters of Dave? Not so much. Keeping CMU safe from its many enemies?

Em: problem with booth is the way it's run, build stuff and tear it down: organize a group that would do a habitat for humanity trip somewhere. Generally should do more around campus. Can do cup-of-beef, bake-barter-ish stuff.