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csjackso: Cedes control to Dom. Dress shoes made sad - got to campus, realized blisters. So after first presentation, walked home in socks, got different shoes.

dom: Lots of work, but Zelda is better than work. [yields control to dlstern].

dlstern: had a presentation, so wearing a suit, and a hat because it's awesome. Still have lots of stuff to do, but this is done. Not spending 8 hours in a room staring at a computer. Just need 10 pages, 5 pages, 5 pages, and screenplay.

lea/akiva: slept last night, it was great. Excited about the CMU mascot thing. Something should be done, involving a rally. [dlstern: Fuck you manatee]. Akiva has a picture of Plaidy McTartan. Like the carpet from Aladdin. Or a tartan-colored platty the playpus. Or Tristan (dyed hair plaid)

edanaher: No more homework, but grading and take home finals, so sad.

cmartens: Don't have a hat, so sad.

kieth: curious if anyone will be in Pittsburgh over break [dlstern will]. Turning off power to campus early on January 2, so can turn Kremthing on. Also, not taking OS next semester, so can do exciting things with wiki and gallery.

Want corsec/president access. Either an exec account or a president and corsec account. Regarding wiki, want to turn on image uploads. Will not be horribly broken.

Some guy made a guitar-hero controller out of a real guitar. Linked from penny arcade.

Super secret bonus level Alan: sleep schedule has been sad. Hopefully getting back into something resembling order. Wrote some lyrics about love life that doesn't suck by combining people and moving to Kansas. Francisco Franko is still dead.

Naptime: pretty much figured out. Get cooler for milk, lots of cookies. BH 235AB, 237B.

Geek Eat: Em will make Pacific Rim work. Wednesday of Finals.

Government of Fiji overthrown by bananarama. Maybe on a Tuesday?

Mutterings about scheduling for next year, but no Em.

eleather: Emily is not here this week: should still be at the joint funding meeting taking votes. GSA doesn't know they're not senate.

JFC member: lots of organizations got funding.

KGB loses it's shirt? Strips for cards?

Names for KGB digs it's own grave?

Cricket Lounge: KGB shoots itself in the face.

eleather's kitten is burgundy - hair dye. Could bleach it, but hair would probably fall out.

Next semester scheduling: Em is free at 4, class at 6:30, like a one hour and a two hour meeting in the block. 4-5? Lea has studio until 4:30. 5:30-6:30 works.

Need to set a date for useless people auction. MLK is the first day back. February 2nd: advertise, get people interested, but still have cash from Christmas. Problems: Triodian, Ashorah, Candlemass, Lughnassad. A time to appreciate the gorgeous world and all the cute things you can purchase. Also good to put exec up as a group.