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Officer Reports

Jared: Got back from a test. Did fairly poorly. 50% of the class is exams and needs the class to graduate. Should be doing better. loldogs is relaxing.

Dom (as first VP): *shows the movie*

Carolyn: Had a day. Did research.

Nicole: Still doesn't understand rotation matrices. HW due earlier today. Hurray!

Drew: Von Ahn apparently doesn't like me anymore because I skipped class yesterday.

Glisson (as Labbott): Some people showed up Monday to pay me. I wasn't there. Some people are "not officers" anymore.

Liz: Sick, slept. Got behind on HW. Tests this week.


Event all planned.

End of October (31): Halloween Party

Week after next (17): Mid-semester break. Movie night!

This week: ART VS SCIENCE!

BOOOOTH: Form needs to be filled out. Should get provisional booth chair to be booth chair before we actually vote on booth. Send out an email saying we are accepting volunteers for a provisional booth chair.

Booth meetings were set to Tuesdays at 8PM.

Start discussing booth next meeting.

Bylaws change meeting will be the 13th. Need to email members changes to the wording of the bylaws. Post to bboard as well. Anything else to tell them? no.

Booth discuss next week.

SHORT booth and bylaws discussion and voting the week after.

  • discuss possible booth stuff*

Glisson is actually still an officer. Owes Liz money. Has 4 and a half one dollar bills.