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Officer Reports

               Was asleep!
               Lay on the table and stuff
               Didn't sleep last night, worked on 545 instead
               People sang in entropy
               Has term paper proposal and exams
               Eating a really bruised apple
               Saw a puppy and kicked it
               Had a good meeting with his advisor - is doing interesting
                   research now, probably will go to grad school here
               Can start wearing a leather jacket
               Logic test today
               Assignment was due yesterday noon, started at 10, finished on
               Needs to get (food) eating schedule on track
               Random meals with may or may not occur
               New facebook feature sucks
               Has work and stuff
               Three tests, more homework assignments
               Easy test today
               Almost got owned on chem homework, wasn't because professor is
               Three exams and two homework assignments
               (Very similar to Scorri)
               Facebook feature is very annoying


       Event! karaoke night, we have a website to use, zsparks will
              investigate the internet (A18* reserved)
       Future event! movie night next week, midsemester break
       Week after is masquerrave, then halloween, than CTFWS
       Ordered a UPS battery, stuff was cheaper
       No puzzlehunt this semester
               List of people: glisson, kharring, mdonches, jferris, bubbles, jchauvin (absent)
               Why would you be a good booth chair?
               bubbles: Booth chairs should be 1) worked on KGB booth, 2) experience with being a chair or young, I am that.
               jferris: Doing booth for three years, started KGB by doing booth, heavily involved with planning, not going to be an undergrad next semester so stuff will beconvenient - and yet is still eligible! Been through drama, knows what the important things are (having fun)
               mdonches: It is important to have people in authority who are experienced; he is experienced (building stuff in general and with booth), can get stuff done, going to sacrifice his health and sanity; wants to teach younger people (there isn't anything that can't be done); is very qualified to turn people on
               kharring: Worked a lot on booth last year even though she had a stressful semester (251), organized and good at delegation of tasks; knows how to do things (habitat for humanity); willing to do jobs that other people don't want to, which is what a booth chair does; had fun at booth and wants to commit lots
               glisson: officially/unofficially in charge of a booth all four previous years; mechanical experience/CAD experience; good at delegating/administrating jobs; maximizing work that gets done from limited input
           Jared says that the booth chair needs, most importantly, to make decisions about whether or not we're doing things and having that be final
           Glisson says that there is a fair amount of administrative stuff you have to do (weekly meeting, eventually meet with Bob the Builder)
           We made a decision!
           Jack and Kelly and Bubbles - be clear amongst yourself who is the head person (Jack), give rocket matt good jobs, go to meeting at 10 in DH 1112, and learn from old people