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Officer Reports

               Having a week - danger
               Not high voltage
               Not a lot of sleep
               Yesterday his partner was on adderol, talked about it a lot
               Basically Jboning has a sketchy lab partner in Pika
               Had an exam on monday, today, no essay!
               Birthday this weekend, gonna get hella krunk 2NITE
               Tells two stories about a dude in pika which involve alcohol
               Is a mass romantic fool, wears foster grants
               Nothing else interesting
               Got last week's test back... yeah...
               Starved to death last week apparently
               Graders gonna grade
               Did well in 451
               Oh man work
               Fuck 212
               No internet
               Met a Pika alumnus over the summer
               Involved work, now done except for one problem
               Something about tests and maybe dropping physics
               Not much is going on
               Work, been kinder than usual
               Getting a haircut tomorrow (usual jokes about "a hair cut")
               Everyone should go to improv


       EVENT! Maskerrave tomorrow, it's in a place, no fancy snacks most likely
              Speakers will be handled, AB Tech is handling everything
              Zsparks is bringing food, Jared might help
              Dropbox thingie is set up
       The office has christmas lights, put them up at maskerrave
       Oracle account appears to be working - made booth deposit, paying AB tech
              There is money in the account, even if we can't find it - in theory
       Kage Keys for Jack & Kelly - Jboning will email housing
       Safety people want us to wear hard hats on booth
       Encourage people to use the app more
       CTFWS - Arsenij has emailed people, didn't CC exec
              Call for judges on the bboard
              Stuff count & POSTERING - reuse old posters
              Repaint the mini fence with right info because we won't get the real fence
              Email CTFWS, defectors mailing lists
              We have rooms worked out and everything - going to be the 6th floor stairs
       Something about officer bios, it might happen
       Tshirt people, will get a quote
       Eforney will do some stuff with rearranging who owns the websites, taking dkozel off the site and putting on jboning
       Events past CTFWS - KGB takes a nap!
                           KGB classic?
                           Only 3 more events, not counting thanksgiving and finals (sushi night on reading day)