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Officer Reports

               On fire
               Oh god compilers
               He got got again
               Seven-page essay written in five hours yesterday
               Needs to allot time to throw at her term paper
               Going to draw an alot
               Got three recommendation letters in a few hours
               Has not done a lot of research, thus might not get into grad school
               Getting into grad school by hook or by crook
               "By hookers"
               Zsparks has lots of grad school work
               Course registration was interesting - trying to get multiple majors -  may or may not work
               May or may not get a working power cord tonight
               Has been without a laptop for 2 1/2 weeks
               Got sick and it sucks
               People are talking over her during her report
               Has a test tomorrow, hasn't started her math homework
               Had an orgo test today which went alright, done with exams until finals
               Registered for courses, waitlisted for stuff


       Event! KGB classic! it will be awesome
              People should come to 1914 for "dinner" but to help carry stuff
              Zsparks will summon people to help and feed them arsenic
               They will cost $18.50/each without shipping
               Charge $20 for members, $25 for nonmembers
               Take a minor hit on each, but not too much
               $25/$30? this would make us make a profit but we don't want to gouge members
               $20/$25 each.
               Shipping will probably be $3/sweatshirt
               We need to ensure that the white lines on the front will appear
               We don't think we will be sued - include or omit the "CMU"?
               Jared makes an argument for using the old crest - soda/mouse on a shield
               Is talking about steam tunnels okay? it seems like people are not okay
               KGB on front, "Come party with the party" on the back?
               Crest on the back?
               Finalize both designs, and submit both at a meeting and have a show of hands
               Ask company "how small can we print?" and "how much would two colors cost?"
               Change logo to black/white
               Just KGB with scematics on the front, nothing on the back? More in character with the KGB apparently
               We are nearly out of time, sell them next semester
       Kage is delicious