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Officer Reports

               Had a week
               It was pretty good he guesses
               He has a headache
               Also sorely in need of a backrub
               Did not accomplish a thing he wanted to do today - talking to Cathy Sudden about getting paid
               It's time to grade P0s - has ten of them; 5 CS people, 5 INI people
               Had a pretty boring week
               Did nothing except eat chicken wings
               Yeah whatever
               Carl has been hard at work doing admissions stuff for grad school
               Zsparks might find out this weekend if he got into CMU grad school
               He is scared
               Is doing research with Frank
               Ran earlier in the day
               Accomplished a week
               Reserved exec meeting room for the whole semester
               Finally has a schedule
               Zsparks is awesome, everyone loves him
               Did nothing this week at all
               Will go to tool training this week
               Did some homework - lots of homework
               Learned how to crochet
               Turned in her first ever CS assignment
               Is sure he did some shit this week
               Is now doing pushups each morning in the pursuit of being able to do 100 straight
               Discovered the guardian project, wherein the NHL made superhero-esque mascots for all the teams
               Guys he has wings


       CTFWS needs a date - tentatively set the 18th of march
       Next week's event is Linear Regression
            We have enough crayons, Zsparks will look for construction paper and get some if we don't have enough
            The week after is useless people (4th of feb)
            The week after is karaoke night (11th of feb) [joke has been REDACTED]
            The week after is bitter valentine (18th of feb)
            The week after is art vs. science (25th of feb)
            After that is spring break for two weekends (the 4th and the 11th of march) - movie nights?
            The week after is CTFWS
            The week after is Improv (??) (March 25th) and puzzlehunt
            Then April 1st - Mandatory Sex Party
            Moveon is the 8th of April, then build week
            We have Old People Party on the 16th of april
            Elections on the 18th of April
               Bubbles will investigate the correct resolution for the images, and whether it will show up properly; also inquire about shades of grey
               Either KGB with scematics and nothing, or letters and shield on the back
               Propose both options to the general body and get a preference
       Money business
             They sent us the account balance - they fucked up our org account really hard by not taking money from the gift account for booth
             Jboning, Scorri, and Adam need to go deal with it - they will do so
       Booth is all going fine - submitting final plans on thursday