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Officer Reports

               Was very late because of 410 course staff meeting
               410 meetings are very unfocused, unsurprisingly
               Things are on fire in Egypt where he went this summer, he hopes people don't get hurt
               Found a ring, might keep it but tried to return it via misc market
               Remembers nothing else but posting to misc market
               AFS, how the fuck does it work
               Lots of free food
               Fuck this week
               It's almost as if things can go wrong that aren't involved in classes
               They took away his access to the locker rooms in the UC, is using the office as a locker room
               Is on week 3 of running, can run
               Will add you to running dlist if you want
               His parents shipped a package, it hasn't arrived yet
               Arsenij's penis!
               Not much is going on other than lots and lots of work
               Traded coats with eforney today
               Distributed is not a partner class
               Did a fair amount of work, which kind of sucked
               Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
               About to have a weekend
               Was late to exec because work ran late
               Was NOT having a threesome with eforney and jboning, she swears
               The 2vp will be dying later today
               Booth plans were due but the booth chair left and now they are not due for another week
               Did some work


       Plant secret cameras in the office to watch zsparks naked?
       Event! Linear regression in a few hours
       Next week - Useless people auction
            We have the actual Breed Hall
            Someone needs to write a blurb for exec (Shawn will do it)
            Bring a shitload of water for Shawn and get a microphone
       Apparently we are going to lose the room once a month to club sports - Arsenij has reserved a room for the missing days
            Doherty 1112 may be available - he will try to make it as uniform as possible
               Bubbles needs a higher-res version of the crest - except he doesn't, he just didn't print it right
               Mark down sizes on attendence at the meeting, then put in an order (REMEMBER THIS!)
               They will be in easily before carnival, so old people will have access
       Bubbles wants to merge improv night and bitterness party? We could maybe hold them in parallel in two adjacent rooms
       Bubbles and Jboning are going to fix the money thing on Monday
       Eforney had people inquire about bringing non-college students to events; she gave them a list of our events
       Do we want to make election validation forms parts of the bylaws?
          Jboning will propose an amendment to that effect