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hat folding!

Officer reports

       started a week
       has lots of books in packageland, but long line is long
       no time for anything, even without assignments
       it's raining
       had a day
       kind of depressed by eforney's report
       more tired than should have been
       no report
       had a day
       no tuesday classes
       working on P0 yay!
       had a day
       Ups and downs continuing
       got a ton of stuff done this morning
       Cool scrabble mug
       had a day
       went to class
       stayed up late working on P0
       had a day
       ceiling leaks
       got his food money

freshman move-in stuff? Can we move in early and help froshies? Contact person. Activities Fair: we made hats! We're now in Wiegand

   Is the activities concert "Jared Cohon Sings the Hits"?

Do we have to email people about dues? Yes we do--kharring must

Money stuff:

   $900 in 20s, probably more stuff

Underground Tour

   tbroman oops, didn't go to CFA and make sure we know what's going on
   rain plan for food: we think the grill is out
       backup: Baker basement lounge? UC Danforth? PH A18*?
   rain plan for non-food: meet Friday 4:30 to work out audibles

Event after UT: Get Board Get Carded

CtFwS: October 14, November 4 (poke the bboard)