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       Begun her week.
       FMR coming - she has to host parties and be happy.
       Not going to job fairs.
       Getting extension on something for class that she's not going to drop.
       looks like twright
       Had a week - gay sex, off doing more gay sex right now
       (Bubbles): was at TOC, then had to do a half-hour test thing
       has not eaten yet, but Razzy
       really sick - tonsillitis
       hurts when he swallows, talks
       missing EOC and TOC due to sickness
       Had a day! Got swag from TOC
           tshirts, hacky sack, pen (stolen?) shot glass, jellyfish "yo-yo", sunglasses, real yo-yo, pen, and more
       Had a day.
       Forgot lots of stuff in various locations yesterday.
       Did get some 251 work done. Will be doing some more 251 work tonight.
       Watched children at play this morning.
       Thinking about handing out a fake resume to BOC on Thursday.
       Not sick.
       Had a day. Handed in OS at 11:58.
       Went to class, job fair, not too much swag
       Had a day.
       Slept from 8 to midnight.
       Did work for Probability.
       Learned a thing today.


   Event: Running Jumping Climbing Trees. Do we want a grill or something to do marshmallows? Or a real firepit for a real fire?
       Rain plan: Movie night. Where do we hold it?
   Next week: Video Game Night, unless we get rained out this week
   KGB Murder Mystery Dinner: 10/14 if it's happening
   Improv Night: 10/7
   Booooooooth: poke the bboard, people should come to next week's exec
   Facebook/Google wants to sponsor some stuff? Like Google buying Gatorade for CtFwS or Facebook buying pizza for PuzzleHunt
   Discussion of Storytelling Committee's place in KGB meetings: we need to know how much time will be allotted to the story