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Officer Reports

       Having a week
       OH god, is on fire
       midterm week
       psych test did not get into her gcal or planner
       2 exams today, had to make a readme yesterday, went to an IM soccer game yesterday cuz nobody else could go
       another exam and a ton of other stuff tomorrow
       KGB group hug
       went to Russian after all her tests--is the star of the class!
       Going to Russia with 2 male profs, 6 male students
       Questions for society:
           Why does nobody domesticate rhinoceri?
           Why is there no flying cloud he can ride?
           Why doesn't Dwayne Johnson go by The Rock anymore?
           How come feather boas are so itchy, yet so many people wear them?
           [and a lot more]
       it hurts to talk
       eating nutella with her finger, because her parents sent her nutella
       very good spots for interviews (no internet): wean 8-9 staircase (nobody goes up there)
       Had a day!
       Doctor's visit. Drugs.
       Psych test. Ugh.
       Hurt his shoulder right before the psych test. That was dumb.
       Sent an email to Rakison about review sessions.
       Mouse isn't working...
       Had days. Wait. No. A day.
       now has KGB debit card... still not activated
       missed the event
       had OS and a test... that sucked
       is in the clear as much as you can be while taking OS
       eforney's ringtone is nyan cat
       turns 21 on Friday
       Had a day
       took an algo test - whole page he couldn't do :(
       Dan Kirby says hi


   Friday: movie night. We have DH1212. We need food. Popcorn? Or normal snacks.
   Next week: Halloween party. Scary storytelling?
   Kage Kleanup 4pm 10/29
   We should make sure we have this room n stuff.
   CtFwS 11/4
   CtFwS judges meeting: announce next week
   11/11 event: Video Game Night. Try to get A18 and A19?
   12/2 event: discuss later
   CtFwS: buy more felt
       rules mods
       most of this stuff can wait til judges meeting
       need to notify campus police
       Facebook event
   PuzzleHunt funding: Facebook likes the idea of paying for pizza, they want to make a brief presentation. Hopefully it *is* brief.