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Officer Reports

       had a day
       stayed up late last night: readme, test, essay
       but it's ok, she's good at it now. It's like she has work ethic now or something
       finished that essay, thinks it was good
       took that test-remembered a lot from the review
       synapses were working today, yay
       talking in a weird voice (low and gravelly)
       if bruce wayne got a cold and -- end report
       had a day
       pretty exhausting, up til 4:30 - had 2 big projects due this morning
       distributed homework due - 3 programs that don't due anything
       working pretty much nonstop
       really tired, wants to go to bed
       you can call him Tim of the Rio Grande (or Timoteo de la Rio Grande)
       at this rate, will never be done
       had a kernel interview today
       talked about kernel
       stack of paper thiiiis thick with red ink on it
       did first half of ring lab, after Thursday will have a ring
       Had a day
       did some sleep
       did a presentation
       classes are winding down
       has the best accent (her own)
       is really boring; nothing to report
       had a day
       yesterday did magic, but not in time to get into the showcase


   Friday's event - call the ice rink.
       Going at 9:30 for the college time
       Beforehand, hang out in Porter A18*
   Geek Eat - Cheesecake Factory - do they take those reservations? When to leave? 6:30? 6?
       Reservation for 5. Leave at appropriate time.
       Set people's response deadline for 7pm Friday
   Next semester's exec meetings - Tuesdays at 4:30 again (tentative)
   Office cleaning? Sunday between finals weeks? (the 18th) 1pm