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Officer Reports

       sat in nature of language - can't do her own work or be on her phone, or fall asleep - so has to take notes on a class she's already taken
       is going to EOC tomorrow
       we view a ragecomic on tvaughan's computer
       had a day
       1 class between KGB meeting and now
       improv rehearsal - best improv in a long time, but it was in rehearsal
       this morning: made eggs with tbroman's non-stick pan - put cinnamon on them, that was silly
       had a weekend
       eye is twitching, thanks guys
       chair leans back further than expected
       went to manja and go alfredo, and still has alfredo
       had a day
       did not have enough sleep
       accidentally signed up for a psych study he already completed
       going to EOC tomorrow - first job fair
       had a day
       312 was due
       was up til 6 working on this - set alarm for 10:30, plan to wake up at 11 for a noon class... but it got jumbled
       her project from Google last summer was released today, so now she can tell people about it
       finances: UPA we made $1083, of which $621 is paid
           booth spent $153.53 this week on paint, paint supplies, jigsaw blades + $20 for zipcar to get there
           you can rent a truck from home depot for $20 for 75 minutes, that can fit 4x8 ply
           new drill for $105 has come in- trying to reimburse from gift account
           $900 in cash
           $1963 in bank account
           $400 in gift account after reimbursement for drill
       who is josh wander?
       no coin counter at PNC - closest is in North Hills
       had a day
       pretty long day--time dilation that happens when you're not feeling well where every minute feels extra long
       had to leave KGB early - slept until 1am, then did homework and sleep in alternation with some soup in the middle
       nice video cameras for visual storytelling


   All rooms reserved for friday event (GBGC)
   idea: if you don't pay for UPA, second person gets to pay (later)
   Find the Event? (later in the semester)
       the record reflects that Kelly had an idea
   Event next week: Casino Night?
   NomCom? eforney + 3 other people
       eforney chairs
   t-shirts stuff