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Officer Reports

       Had a week.
       Got too little work done on a paper, and has been monitering his process on the paper more than working on it.
       But after it's due he's done! Except for interviews.
       Tell her about your extended family!
       Too sick because she is too tall.
       Had a week.
       They want that stack of paper he's been putting off.
       Went to a concert with the flaming lips and Black Keys.
       Had a couple of days.
       Almost done with one of her projects and has been reading Game of Thrones.
           GoT might be a bad idea right before finals.
       Had a couple of days.
       They were probably largely filled by term project, since that's what she remembers.
       Had a couple of days.
       Putting off a bunch of homework, but it's all due later than usual so he's on task.
       Had a couple of days.
       Took a test, wrote some stuff down.


   LDoC Picnic
       It'll be nice out--80 degrees with 10% precipitation.
       5:30 at black chairs.
       Marlena will email Vogel.
       Need transportation to Costco and the event.
           tvaughan can help along with Broman and JRAM.
   Mafia Night
       Buca di Beppo reservation for 6:00.
           Confirmed, without banquet menu.
           DRESS CLASSY if people so choose.

Transition Business

   Pay dues!
   No response on lasers (pew pew).

Other Business

   Chalk for chalking next fall
       Gained exactly 4 pieces of chalk--and a spiderman holder--from USA (thanks Bubbles).
           We should buy some more.
       We should have an event called Chalking for Communism.
       $20 allocated, otherwise we can discuss over the magic of the internet.
   Response to email survey
       Survey is on club fundraising.
       The project is apparently due in two days.
       Ideally we will raise ALL of the money next year so we can replace all of our Booth wood at EVERY BUILD.
       Broman will answer it.
       We're in Breed Hall next week, but we should end early.
       We'll talk about exec meetings for next year over the summer.
       Over orientation:
           Scav Hunt
               Exec comes up with large List of Things and then "cull it down" to the "really funny stuff."
                   Broman will make a google doc.
               Scav Hunt happens on Thursday (22nd) of orientation, which is the day campus housing people have to move in.
               Biggest hangup: Judging times.
               CS Game Night is on the 21st. JRAM will go if he's here by then.
               We'll need to put up posters.
               People should be around campus and talk to freshmen! Be friendly!
                   It'll start with Caroline.
               Taking freshmen to places that don't exist is a bad idea.
                   There's a bureaucrat in the steam tunnels that EXPELLS YOU.
                   Also don't give them drugs.
           Other ideas:
               Orientation Orienteering
                   Last time:
                       Series of clues around campus.
                       One (known) person completed the challenge.
                       There were problems with clue placement.
                       Entire course could be completed in one go, about 2hrs long.
                   The idea of interacting with people is hard because of staffing.
               This year's Find the Event
                   Hard, because it's just as not allowed as one event, only it's essentially five events.
               Last year's Find the Event
                   Last time:
                       Started in Porter A18A
                       Led people around campus via clues
                       Half of the clues were photos from the location of the clue.
                       Half were silly stuff (poems).
                   Maybe we could give them a bunch of pictures on a sort of path.
                       So that wee freshmen can actually find places.
                   Maybe put together an unmanned path over the summer?
                   Set up an email (not cmukgb) so that people can contact us.
   JRAM's Diseased Mashup
       Probably the last that will follow the spirit of law as well as the letter.
       A bunch of songs with crazy or train in their names combined with Crazy Train.