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       had a day
       a lot of 210
       probably not enough so
       Marlena will want to rip herself in half when she takes it next semester
       had a day
       hasn't been able to do much work because interview!
           they make neat machines
       has been hearing back from people joining the fb group
           apparently they heard about KGB in high school
       had a day
       did he do anything?
           he can't remember anything
       he said hi to dillon in 213
       had a day
       gave a report on how we should improve ctfws rules
           mobile website might be good
       slept instead of ptrp lecture
       got good feedback in art class
           about half the people finished the project (she did!)
       had a day
       C is the worst
       had a day
       hoping he doesn't have to take a late day on homework
       there's other stuff but that'll be covered in other stuff
       is still sick and not here


   Improv Night
   Porter Hall A18(A/B/C) at 7:00
   Guest starring: Anna Failla and Evan Walden (thank NPP)
   they'll do pretty much all the good things except for maybe Beans
       and we shouldn't MAKE them run Beans because it'll get crazy
   If Broman got three hours notice and a phone call with Bubbles he could maybe run it
       as a suuuuuuuuper back up plan
   Broman will email a reminder


   Trivia Night
   PH A18(A/B/C) at 7:00
   They should get cracking on Trivia
       Will meet thursday or friday, and should work this weekend


   11/22 Find the Event
       Starting and ending in Baker
       Broman will be gone that weekend, leaving the 22nd
           (will also be gone from next week's exec meeting)
       puzzlehunt runaround style, probably
           last week we were talking about letterboxing or geocashing
           also location-specific directions
           there can be a few different mechanics
       are we going to have them start out in Baker or have them go somewhere else for the first clue?
           hard to avoid people going to start early
           also people need to bring board games
           so probably Baker
       Group problems
           it is hard
       what if they can't solve a clue?
           give an exec member's phone number?
           we don't want to require people to have a smartphone
           the clues should be interesting but not impossible
           Broman wants to give a clue that has people wander through Doherty B and Gates
               we can figure this out later
   11/29 (Thanksgiving) Movie Night/Unofficial
   12/6 Ice Skating (LDOC)
   12/11 Geek Eat
   we should start talking about events for next semester soon
   Also figuring out exec time
       after registration
       the first week of december, probably


   Broman will be gone next week
   Reimbursment fuckup
       the easiest thing might just be to deal with it in house
       The walkthrough people are giving us a fire extinguisher, an exit sign, and a shop rules poster
       They'll also provide shelving for the kage
       we should get the first aid kit from R7 also
       there's a shop safety training course that exec who will be working in the shop and booth chairs should take
           we can also make it available to the general body
       we should look at it again for next semester
       we should remember to do things during meetings
       before the attendance sheet goes out we should anounce sweatshirts
           every single person on exec is in charge of this
           if people mark their size, they are committing to buying a sweatshirt ($25 for members, $30 for nonmembers)
           alternatively, people can email exec after the meeting
   caroline will have to take a class that meets from 4:30 to 6:30 on Mondays
       there are a lot of things to consider
       she almost certainly won't be attending KGB meetings next semester
           events are fine
           if she does, Exec appoints a person by majority vote
               we would need to do this by the second meeting after the vacancy
               we could maybe shuffle exec positions by chaining resignations
           the final deadline for announcement should be one of the last meeting of the semester
               gives us all of winter break to deal with it/let people consider
       getting new people
           we should consider who we look at--whether they ran for exec last year, etc.
           restricting ourself to undergrads?
           choosing someone who isn't a senior will have huge implications for next year's exec.
       I'm On A Train
           "Good" --Marlena
           "Train" has to mask the "boat"