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       had a day
       didn't do as much work as he should
       has been really tired and taking naps
           he's on foot this week because humans v zombies
       had a day
       sat around his apartment
           thinking about how all the food he had needed other food to be food
       went to his stress class
           they did placebo surgery for knee surgery and it had equivalent effect to the actual surgery
       had a day
       mostly trying to decide what grad school he wants to go to
       has not yet decided
       had a day
       mostly consisted of trying to get a working game together
           and then realizing that she has two more weeks to worry about it
       that was about it
       no more deadlines until next week, woo
       had a day
       went home to do work and then talked about with a friend from home about comics for four hours
           so now they have that work to do tonight
           decisions were made
       had a day
       part of it has been avoiding zombies
       looked at the computer in the office
           it has 4.5 terabytes of storage
           (and a gigabyte of ram)
           why would you have that for something from the 2000s
       sick :C


   Get Board Get Carded
       Friday, 7:00, PH A18*
       apparently people upset about the ouija board
           we are absolutely going to bring the ouija board
           [here ensues an in depth conversation about ouija boards and that thing with the direction of the pendulum]
           but we should probably not get too occult


   MOVE ON oh god why
       our time is 6:30
       we need to be ready 40 minutes ahead of time (5:50)
       we want people in the kage before that, probably (5:15)
       pre-moveon dinner with exec
           Resnik at 4:30


   Defector's party
       two of the 30 piece platters is like $100
           (#2, #4, #6)
           we're allocating from the exec fund
           they need a 24 hour notice
           JRAM will order the sandwiches, but we need to get the university to supply a credit card number
               (which dillon will get before move on)
       cake is gonna be another $30
           maybe not seagull second
           wait we need a 1996 reference
               (the year next year's freshman were born)
           wait pokemon was released in japan that year
           "These kids are younger than pikachu"
       veggie/dip platter would cost more money also
   LDOC Picnic
       Marlena and Dillon need to reserve the bartlett shelter


   the parachute
       we would probably bring it out once or twice a year
           it would get gross after a while
       broman had a good idea...
           you know how the end of the underground tour sucked this year because everyone had to wait for food?
           we could use this as a tent and tell horror stories
               dillon volunteers that people have been known to huddle under those and smoke week
               (Marlena: hotboxing the children's toy)
               yeah we won't do that
       but it's $60
       it's funny
       has expensive novelty value
       our spending has been higher than usual this year
       ...we could make a parachute fund
           oh god
       okay game plan
       during old business we change the motion to create a parachute fund
           a special fund for which anything donated will go towards the parachute
           when we get enough money we'll announce it and buy it.