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Succession templates work something like this:

{{s-ttl|title=[[Knight Grand Cross]]|years=[[2210 Officers|2210-2315]]}}
{{s-non|reason=Coup d'etat}}

{{s-ttl|title=[[Sovereign of the Garter]]|years=[[2315 Officers|2315-7500]]}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Optimus Prime]]}}

{{s-ttl|title=[[Officer of the week]]|years=}}

Which looks like:

Preceded by
Knight Grand Cross
Coup d'etat
New Office Sovereign of the Garter
Succeeded by
Optimus Prime
Preceded by
Officer of the week

The template naming is obnoxious but consistent with Wikipedia's succession templates. If creating a new template which has the same function as one of Wikipedia's, consider using the same naming.

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