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The CMU campus has number computer clusters. These are available to any CMU student to use.

Of particular note are the Wean clusters. These clusters were very popular among KGB members, and were frequently the site of impromptu events and goings on. They have since been replaced by clu*.

Around the 1991 time frame, there was a small cluster on the first floor of the Mudge dorm that generally had a free machine even when the other clusters filled up. By 2007 it appears to have been replaced by exercise equipment.

"Cluster" may be a misspelling of "clu*," also known as the Wean 5207 Linux Cluster the Gates 3000 Cluster.

Gates 3000, also called 3k, is the main room currently referred to as "cluster" by KGB members. It has beanbags, Macs that don't work and walls whiteboards.