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KGB's 2013 booth.

Booth chairs: scorri, Broman, and Ryan

This work of brilliance took the classic story of Rumplestiltskin and added funk music to it to fit the theme of Fractured Fairytales. Unused ideas included The Frog Prince of Bel Air and Baba Yaga's Smut. It took second place in the independent category.

Notable features

  • Electrical was finished by Sunday
  • A sloped roof
  • Game which involved throwing golf balls into holes in a table to produce musical notes. There was an easy mode (Smoke On the Water) and hard mode (Fallen Angel by Poison no fucking clue)
  • An "outdoor" area where one of the walls of the room was left to the open air, included a fire escape, bike rack with shitty bike, and a chain link fence
  • Night club with psychedelic art that glowed under a blacklight, a full bar, and a life size version of Funkelstiltskin himself in 3D. It kind of looked like twright had a baby with Michael Jackson. It even had a sound system

Things Learned

Having plastic roofing or a completely open wall provides a lot of natural light, making electrical duties a little easier.

Preceded by
A Giant TV
Succeeded by
The Magic Schoolbooth