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This is stolen from ~kgb/lib/text/what_kgb_stands_for:

KGB Fact File Number 27

What Does KGB Stand For?

This has been a question which has puzzled scholars for many years. The meaning of KGB is an integral part of the entire organizations purpose, and one cannot really be thought of as a true member of KGB unless one gains the knowledge of the meaning of KGB. This knowledge, however, is not readily apparent, and as with most things in life, you must struggle to obtain it. It is your responsibility--nay, it is your duty--to learn the truth about KGB's name, even if you are only mildly considering joining our group.

Although all KGB members (during a rigorous initiation ceremony, the details of which need not concern you) have sworn a sacred oath, under penalty of death, to guard the Mystery of the Letters, certain clues and instructions can be given in order to assist you in unraveling our mystery.

Step 1: First of all, look at the letters, K, G, and B; what do they have in common? Note that they can all be moved forward or backward in the alphabet an equal number of spaces to produce a common three-letter word. (Hint: What number is most commonly associated with computer programmers?)

Step 2: Now that youve found your word, think back to the early sixteenth century. This was an age of expansion and colonization for Europe. France, in particular, imported a number of goods from its colonies. The word which you thought of in Step 1 is one of those goods. What country is it from? (Hint: The country is shaped a little like a gourd.)

Step 3: The country which you thought of is also famous for producing another product. What food does it like to eat?

Step 4: If the food is grown underground, then your magic number is 5. If the food is green, then your magic number is 8. If the food is wheat, then your magic number is 13.7.

Step 5: Add 29 to your magic number, then divide by four.

Step 6: This should give you the first three digits of the license plate of a famous Hollywood actor. What role is he best remembered for? This should give you your answer.

Nah, not really. I was only fooling with you. KGB doesnt stand for anything.