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Officer Reports

    Marlena -- booth and aeronautss
    Stuart -- puzzlehunt
    Mike -- We have an event -- it's Improv Night!
    Zora -- Nothing relevant
    Skye -- Greek Sing and Booth
    Dillon -- held a puzzle hunt
    Frieder -- Greek Sing

Committee Reports

    I had a weekend and I didnt have a weekend 28.5 hours
    If any darts are fired at marlena
    Shit I read in the Tartan -- 41 haybales
    Nominations is reporting
    The Shit I read in Exec Email reads a hysterical email

Old Business

    Stuart had the thing
    Steven has the thing and midterm failures aren't his fault this week

To write a reply; to meet in exec and come up with a good plan

    Who the fuck is this guy? 
    $3 to Frieder
    People who will own an apache attack helicopter

To arm all with Nerf Guns; to hit frieder

    Well if you don't own a nerf gun....
    $4 to Murphy
    The chairs of the committee to assasinate the president

The army apparell; to give us snazzy uniforms

    Where did napolean hide is armies?     
    Up his sleevies
    $1 to Murphy

KJB; to become a dissenting fashion of the KGB

    Does the J stand for Dillon? 
    $3 to Steven
    Everyone except Dillon

Frustrated Table; *point up*

    Nose touch? 
    Tabling the discussion to table
    $2 to Mike

Unusual Murder Methods; Mean girls the hunger games

    Greek Sing
    $1 to Erin
    All butts

Conservation of momentum; to teach mike how that works...

    Pick up a concept of physics
    Friction Demons
    $4 to Mike
    Anyone who wants to break science

CMU Z; ku-muz

    $1 to Murphy

TA table of Committees; that

    But Skye does that....
    $2 to Stuart

Shit I read in the Tartan -- student safety

Zombies; zombies zombies Brains zombies zombies

    zombie bees are very dangerous
    $1 to Joe
    Band disedc

Committee to teach the KGB Music; to ensure Solidarity forever will never sound that bad again

    Ed cannot do the mocarena in time
    $3 to Frieder

Shit that preschool must here from us; to think about it

    Table indefinitely

Run with Scissors; run with scissors

    pew scissor gun
    $1 to Frieder
    Anyone who hasn't given those preschoolers bad ideas

Arm the kindergarteners; Come up with better weapons to arm kindergarteners

    Steven universe
    This is terrifying
    You can do a surprising amount of damage with safety scissors
    $1 to Stuart
    Kindergartener with 2 arms

Real relevent announcements

    Improv night
    Nominations committee