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   Dez is not here. Ian is Dez. Exam. Left sword at r7
   Cam had a meeting. uh uh. had a weekend. Dez told should run meeting, violation
   Kate had a weekend. not doing booth. got talked into doing booth with SDC.
       Event: Defectors party. Saturday 2pm. Stever hopefully. Will be on event post.
   Ellen isnot here. Shelby is ellen. 
   Janny had a weekend. about to do malloc lab. what if i go to scaife instead? so just went to scaife and existed for a while
   Rauen had a weekend. fencing national. beat them on indicator cause better than them. 11th in the nation, entire body hurts.
   Mitchell is not here. Liam had a weekend. end of report.


   c: comics are bullshit
       Thanos coptor. Villain of the current 2 movies is Thanos, mad titan who plans to collect cosmic jewels. took half life in the universe. He appeared in spiderman comic aimed at young children. tried to obtain cosmic cube, at the end he made the ground shake, he fell and dropped the cube. taken in by nypd. at one point had honey yellow helicoptor, the word "thanos" printed on the tail. it needs to appear in endgame
   c: to burn down roselawn 7
       failure but interested in use of fire for cooking
   c: ad hoc im a shitty treasurer
       clear the decks
   c: still misnamed facebook profiling
       ad about that one pro life movie
       why you're seeing it? the catholic association wants to reach people interested in catholic churches
   c: nominating
       liam: i got a thing
       imminently end report for now
       liam: this is what the thanos coptor looks like
   c: nominating
       this is your last chance for nomination or withdrawal!
       rauen withdraws from president andtreasurer
       liam withdraws from treasurer
       debt: woody, tim, liam, kate
   c: burn down r7 + not burn down r7 
       party this saturday at like 7-8pm ish. show up. have fun. maybe nonzero number of alums here.
   c: misapp. not to burn down kremlin
   c: misapp. roberts rule of order
       not on shelf. now 213 textbook and other stuff that are easier to read. will show up at bake barter
   c: misapp. random strange club/committees interaction com idk
       some information on why some ppl don't agree with the kgb. why certain orgs disassociated with themselves.
       "we are concerned about the duck portion of the bylaws"
       "logical concerns"
       "sometimes it might be a duck, sometimes it might be a cucumber. certain cucumbers look like a duck"
   c: inter-org interactions
       booth orgs are sad we're not doing booth this year
   c: ad hoc misapp bylaws 
       encourages ad hoc interorg to join kgb and submit bylaws amendment
   c: assassinate potential future member of exec
       *throws id card at freshmen
   c: used to be part of kgb
       puzzlehunt but nobody shows up


   (omegath meta)???
   goes to Ian
       not fault = didn't expect to get it every other meeting, but is a proctor and needs to be here
       fault = lost the other meta things
           "sorry for mitch mcconnel"
   orders of the day
       fortunately we didn't do that to yourself


   Rauen is the chair
   m: untable then table for 4 months every single item in the archive
   m: untable all thigns from the archive, then looping from the first inde-
   m: have someone fulfills request of recording rauen running the meeting
       tim is doing it
   m: call malloc on the hash of last week's minute
       hash of last minute is e
       what is the current hash? 627220001e2e5a6cf0ee4d8123374d65203ac5c779d1476746bc692d5684572d
       uh, pop something from the archive
       item 8: pointer 3
           which when we dereference it, gives us pointer 2
           pointer 3 dereferenced, casted to unsigned int 
           we are now in discussion of 0. 
           m: add 3 and then add 4 to 0
               amend m: add 4 then add 3
               amend m: add 3 then add recursion depth
               that passed
           we are now in discussion of "3 strong second"
           m: cast this back to a pointer
           m: free
               undefined behavior
           m: dereference
               uhhhhhhhh warning of undefined behavior
           m: free
               alright. been double freed. it is now very free. so free somebody put it in the constitution and became bad for 300 years
       m: banish to shadow realm
           this entire thing 
   stading rule: anyone who makes a pointer joke has to stand in a corner
       passed by acclamation
   #define the size of an art student = 16
       which is the acceptance rate
       can't find the actual number of art students here sorry guys
       passed by abstention
   c: suggestions
   p: freshmen still have no idea what we're doing
       p of info: can you assassinate dez before election?
           it's a repeat of last year
       "what if we retroactively make the booth theme berlin wall and just have a wall"
           AEPi used to have "foursquare" theme: just had a floor and just played foursquare all weekend
       passed by abstention
       $2 to Cam. chair=the freshmen
   c: i forgot carnival was a thing
   p: i kinda forgot carnival existed at all cause we're not doing booth and i was like what the fuck i shappening oh oh that's jank
       kate: if i'm not doing build week i won't have a purpose right now and that says something
       hey freshmen, yall never had to do floor painting
       $2 to Janny. chair=everyone every year who forgets carnival exists when it rolls around
   m: alloc <= $169.69 for food and drinks for yall and defectors for this week's events
       it's a nice idea


   we have a party we forgot to alloc money for. will find out where defectors party will happen!!!
       Event: Defectors Party. Saturday 2pm. email or facebook message. will be fun. come meet alums you don't know
   if you have to pay dues you are too late. if you have to pay your debts do so by the start of elections. 
   we are kgb exec. we meet 5.30pm wednesday uc329. 
   liam has a party, no dollars allocated. in r7. please show up between 7-8, saturday.
   we will build a new mini fence. kate has a poll in facebook! kate will send it to you if you haven't received it already.


   itr sometime this week. if you're not in the itr group but would like to be added, tell cam. it's fun!
   kate is also hoping to paint the fence during or right before carnival. we will get to meme with the fence. wednesday to thursday night, so it's a meme when carnival starts. message kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!