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MEETING 8/31/2020


   Dez - made insights about bubble physics, gained phat stacks for it
   Kaylie (Not liam) - made a game, did secrets
   Iiiiiif you have never been to a KGB meeting before, do a virtual stand up!
   else you shall kill dez and that is illegal
   so tell us your major and name and maybe something not interesting!
   or don't I'm not a cop
   Nathan-man, an IS major w/ brown hair
   Jojo - international political criminal, wears glasses
   Shelly, CFA, maybe sitting down rn ?!??
   Kevin - electrical conduit, may have fewer than three legs
   James - Had a summer, happened, stayed inside like a god christian. Does not remember sun
   Event this week! Remote game night. it's at like seven or something I don't know
   Bianca! from STL/Il, Lightning design major - drinking applejuice FROM A MUGGING
   also Twain! "am twain. ECE. un?interesting fact: ur mum" NOW BACK AGAIN
   Kushal - had a quarantine, inside. talking to computer, wouldn't even talk back. left the 'burgh once, returned with eye patch
   Sawyer - I had a summer vacation, it felt really long. I am in Kremlin and that is nice. Had some mac and cheese today that was good
   McKenna - didn't move back into Kremlin, but will come back with money lol
   Oliver - had a summer, spent it doing he did lots of things (actually didn't lol), will continue bullshitting, now over zoom!


   Liam- Culinary Standards com - series of goods and bads, some we won't talk about
   Tim- Ad hoc initian newbies com - shield is comfy
   Kushal - Hunt hoomanz for sport comm - avg temp of polar bear and african antelope are about the same. Fuck evolution
   Henry - possibly ad hoc Grad student in exile - opening slides of orientation had a thing about impostor syndrome
   Woody- floor is lava com - floor is lava
   Keerthana - ad hoc coronamellon comm- had a 2 person class on campus
   Oliver- very misapp. cats r stoopid com- cats are so dumb they don't want to live in kremlin!


   The thing - who want it? (Liam currently presides over the spirit)
   Sawyer! - the inevitability of online classes isn't my fault
   the fact some peeps have all online is my fault!

No.. old business? Ok ;-;


   Liam - motion to create the NEET comm
   Purpose - support group for those affected by 'rona and aren't doing much else
   Kushal - do I still get support if I'm in class
   Liam - sure
   Oliver - table for a year?
   Passed! been tabled
   Keerthana - motion to rename the general-body-meeting to Breed hall
   Passed! by effectively acclimation, barring Henry
   Henry - Motion to Create the Committee on Practical* Science* Solutions*
   Purpose - expose public to all of the true science shit congress doesn't want you to hear about
   Oliver- POV - what is the asterix is carrying?
   Henry - orbital space elevators, rona stuff, all of the truth
   Keerthana - math person studying logic and needing to use it more, feel solidarity
   Espy - just shielding
   Liam - POI - will or willn't this violate those conventions from geneva
   Henry - no comment
   Liam - motion to create the hague invasion committee (out of order, based on a sat-down rule)
   Passed via teeth - Auctioned to Henry for $5 - chaired by Henry + Mr. Nye (pending a dropped lawsuit)
   Tim - motion to create the nucular corn reactor comm
   Purpose: corn CERN intensifying
   Bushel of corn is at 3.59
   Passed! Auctioned to Keerthana, chaired by members of corn subsidies board
   Woody - motion to create the KGBrewing comm
   Did you know you can ferment gatorade?
   Unfriendly to culinary standards com
   Liam - motion to shoot into the corona of the sun - ill defined
   Passed by one! Sold to a Mr. Woodrow for one Job - chaired by Woody and anyone else who wants to brew weird shit
   Sam - motion to make KGB Historical Tradition Preservation Society Committee
   purpose :invite people to go back and observe Sam's message from 4:54 PM
   Passed! Auctioned to liam for one dollarydo - chaired by anyone who knows what gleef is
   Kushal - Motion to create the Ashton5 memorial comm
   Purpose - to remember our boy Ashton, the one guy from club penguin and mourn the fact he had to go sup when we needed him most
   Passed! Sold to Kushal for Ashton5$ - chaired by anyone who stood with Ashton
   Keerthana - motion to make the committee comm
   Antiseconded, but was strong
   Purpose : committee
   Kushal - committee?
   Woody - Committee.
   Tim - fish fish fish (verbatim)
   Espy - motion to make the out of order committee - O.O.O.
   Tim - motion to make the broken record comm
   Woody -motion to make the broken record comm
   Jojo - what?
   At this point Dez begged that someone call to question
   Sawyer- what's a question?
   Liam - objection to assertion that that was a call to question - overruled
   Liam - motion to suspend the rules - no
   Auction to Liam - sold for 2 dollar dollars - disbanded
   Oliver - Motion to create a standing rule that stands up and un-"sits down" the standing rule that defines a bushel of corn as the current price of a bushel of corn - FIXED
   passed via tie and support via tyrant
   now you can bid with corn
   Henry - motion to create the comm to not get new jokes OWEN!
   purpose - stop asking about Motion to Create the Broken Reccord Committee Motion to Create the Out of Order Committee the Archive Pounddefine 7777777777777 My Hand is just Comftorable Like This I Play Pot of Greed Shadow the Hedgehog the hedgehog the hedgehog... Dylantory Whic fish fish fish fishhbanded? Disbanded! The Hive Mind Committee Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer and Knucklez free the floor is lava pointer null pointer fish fish fish goddamnit and banish this to the shadow realm null pointer space mexico  tequila your own name your own name your own name
   Sawyer - motion to append "and Knuckles" - friendly
   Sam - motion to appen- friendly
   to append something I just fished it lol
   Liam - motion to tangerine something - unfriendly
   woody - motion to flip space and mexico
   James - call to question
   Passed! Sold to James for two dollars! chaired by anyone who made the original joke
   Liam - motion to point to the clock emoji


   KGB stuff! we have meetings at a time for exec (undecided)
   James - Digital game night! 7 for pittsburgh peeps - hang out and alternatively have fun


   Tim added emoji that had no mouth to annoy dez
   Kate! Mentioned earlier, wants to play AMONG US which is kinda shitler/TTT esque
   is free! will do a when2meet
   let her know if you get interest or get hype
   Also Kate! less fun mouth off, someone vandalized the fence last night, but it got fixed!

was ready to plumb the depths of a lowes to fix it

   Can join Twain to protecc the fence
   Woody would speak but mouth is off
   Oliver- motion to purple purple seafoam green fish fish fish fish