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MEETING 9/21/2020


   Dez - UG tour! didn't listen to it for fear of hearing his voice. Played dusk
   James - found out how twitch works. KGB now has twitch-chievements. did homeowork.
   This week we have an event! Cooking via proxy with the KGB! Volunteer Chefism
   Kushal - handcuffed to one more person than usual. Also, Pravda? exists for this week. please submit to it
   Sawyer- went to pittsburgh overlook, was nice
   Oliver- emailed by tech reporter. Did a bad with person's name, awkward. Also, don't commit fraud!


   Sawyer Misappropriated Actual real shit comm- made a really good speech, eyewatering
   Liam - Corn comm - WE HIT $3.71 BAYBEE NO LIMITS
   Henry - comm for *practical *science *solutions - Climate change is a big problem? tested solution is just to have a massive asteroid hit the planet to cause a huge ash cloud and block out the sun! So if we hit the southwestern indian ocean with a fuck ton of nuclear warheads and set off the yellowstone volcano! That will cool the hell out of everything.
   Kushal - the ad-hoc playdough collection committee reports- oh god when is useless stuff auction
   James - misapp. culinary substandards comm - for the event this week we need chefs and ideas for themes - if you want to be a chef you probably should have a way to get groceries, also maybe a kitchen
   Liam, Kushal, Dez are our unlucky boiz so far. Who knows what shall become of them...
   2 Themes:
   Al Gore for Siz dollars to Henry
   20 AD for 5 dollars to James
   Tim - wigglytuf comm - wigglytuf
   Liam - cul stds comm - I anticipate sanctions coming by next meeting


   Who wants the thing?
   Liam : not fault that pot of greed is banned
   existence of pot of dhreed is his fault
   Tim - Sept. 7th - amendment to a proposed standing rule with a proviso that it take place on oct 5th - was a proviso to a motion to create a standing rule about delayed introductions for standing rules
   sr: a delayed standing rule, which is a standing rule that enacts itself after a certain period of time, can be made by making a motion to make a delayed standing rule and specifying the delay time. Other than its delay, a delayed standing rule acts exactly as a normal standing rule would. It's enactment is not announced when it goes into effect
   Kushal - don't have strong feelings on amendment, but main mtn better pass
   Liam - motion to strike oct. 5th 2020 and replace with sept. 5th 2020, but this can't be done
   Proviso passes! Been enabled

Returning to main motion:

   Kushal - it's a great fu*king idea
   Liam - POI - does the KGBstitution prevent ex-post-facto? - Tim: Yes
   Sam - POI - why are we making motions on his last name - joke
   Kushal - POI - why is sam's name SR
   Liam - objects - can create negative periods of time - Dez interprets that the time is a magnitude, and you can create dilatory motions but the SR is non-dilatory
   Standing rule passed! Be ready for October 5th
   No other orders


   Sam - Motion to make the com to the three basic elements (earth, wind, fire)
   Purpose: do you remembah?
   Spelling changed to remembah
   Kaylie - is listening to it in the background, thinks tis a good idea
   Tim - motion to rebuke the discord calendar emoji for being six months away from a relevant date
   Liam - motion to strike three and replace it with four (unfriendly)
   Sam - just taking the opportunity to shill his SC playlist to shitpost september celebration

James - motion to strike three and replace w/ 118 - unfriendly

   Motion to strike three and change it with four, and change fire to fire and corn - unfriendly, pursued
   Liam objects but unmeaningfully
   Amended - The com to the four basic elements: earth, wind, fire and corn
   Passed! Auctioned to Kaylie for $2, chaired by the month of september
   Liam - motion to create a standing rule defining an "important motion" as one that can be made during a non-important, non-priviliged motion, and during which only priviliged motions may be made
   - effectively just adding another layer of privlidge
   Died from lack of seconds
   Kaylie - motion to make the discord mobile is bad comm
   Purpose - serve as an excuse when one is doing poorly in meeting due to being on mobileular discord
   Liam - doesn't the idea of a notion of doing poor in meeting conversely imply that one can do well in meeting?
   -Kaylie: couldn't answer a question for like a minute
   Henry - is tapping on mic and saying "Hello?"
   James - respond to liam - whaddaya mean there's not a way to win meeting?
   Passed! Auctioned to Kaylie for un dollar - chaired by discord mobile as a concept
   Kushal - motion to create the comm that can never meet
   Purpose: make the recsec happy
   Kaylie - Is it dilatory because already been done? - when has that stopped us
   Sawyer may be happy
   Kushal - POI - things
   James - POI - is this how you use a point of information?
   Tim - point of annoyance- are we there yet?
   Henry was sussed out for not being cam
   Liam - POI - when is it ok to call a comm meeting? when it do
   Henry as Cam - should not be the recsec's job to be happy, just to be god
  1. nicene conference
   Sold to james for Six - chaired by literally anyone who can meet
   Various discussion about ontology and also set theory and also what can be a chair (not the sitting kind)


   Liam - motion to create the great discord heist comm
   Purpose - steal the juicy chat logs of the discord server channel
   Sam - was gonna do that amendment
   Kushal - KGB govt in exile approves
   Tim is heccin comfy
   Sold to Liam for $3 - chaired by anyone who currently doesn't have access to the exec channel


   Dez- KGB exec exists?
   James - for event, we have chefs now! Join a team! Please!
   Oliver- don't commit tax fraud (paraphrased from complete silence)
   You shouldn't do donations for reason of not wanting to commit fraud
   dues are 15 dollarydoos for a semester or 20 for a year
   need them for cheaper shirts and to vote in the exec runnings
   Kaylie - can I pay my dues via discord nitro - nu
   Kate - point of ordermation - booth isn't probably happening?
   Tim - carnival will be different for sure, just be realists yo


   Tim - before you go out to register to vote in KGB, you should proobably register to vote for the slightly less important US election!
   Sam - played chungus amongus and enjoyed it so hit him up, also, happy Jew year (jewish new year)
   Liam wants testers for a video jame
   Tim - motion to P,P,SG, RB, and indigo, and gitfo