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MEETING 10/19/2020


   Dez - bison tacos
   James - managed to skip his whole weekend. This week event be RPG night! Sign up by wednesday
   Kushal - had burger patty with no bread: tortilla chip substitute
   Sawyer - got to the point of work overload just went on youtube spree about 1900s rail technology
   Oliver - doodle wars, kill peeps with doodles. Mission accomplished


   Kevin - the temporal anomaly detection comm - no anna molly's
   Liam - the corn sub board - asks for drum roll: dez provided. Corn price has risen to $4.05! Corn bid is $5 now
   Liam - the I'm supposed to be taking a gap sem comm - oh god why so much work, I haven't a job


   Henry had the spirit of the thing, who wants the spirit of the spirit of the thing?
   Sawyer will give oliver the actual thing
   James - not his fault that corn just broke 4 dollars - is his fault that times when corn was only two dollars, is his fault
   Tim - no orders of this day


   Sawyer - motion to make the deaf and dumb committee - purpose ....
   Kushal -
   Sam - change to deaf and dumb and blind comm
   Unfriendly due to laziness,  passed when strong'd
   Passed! Sold to Sawyer for a dollar, chaired by anyone who can't hear this message
   Kevin - motion to create the temporal anomaly detection comm - to preserve the time stream
   Oliver - motion to timetravel, er, table for one week
   Passed, been tabled
   Oliver - motion for KGB as org to short corn - ruled dilatory?
   Liam -It's logically impossible for corn to be overvalued
   James - motion to table every person who attended last week's event for two weeks
   Attended means showed up to at least some portion of the event
   Passed? Tabled
   Reed - motion to table the room in doherty with the two blackboards - out of order until the room is established
   *Table DH2315 for two weeks
   Oliver- will the room be able to vote on tabled motions?
   POI from tim - no
   Liam - POI - are tabled motions individuals? - no
   Passed, DH2315 tabled for two weeks
   Liam - motion to define motions as individuals for purposes as tax purposes - dilatory
   Tax fraud com approves
   Oliver - motion to table the set containing every room in wean for 365.25 - refused unless the value of the sum of the set is determined
   Time ran out before a response was given
   Sawyer - motion to blue
   Tim - dabadee dabada
   Passed! now in blue
   Reed - form out of order comm
   Not strong
   James - motion to meet on the motion to create the temporal anomaly detection comm
   Kevin - failing to pass this motion, based on the comm report from earlier this meaning, could disrupt the time stream
   Oliver -P.O.O. can untabled individuals discuss a motion
   Reed - why are the words in order
   Sam - time travel comm - will report success
   James - I'm pretty sure untabled individuals can vote, but they don't count
   Dez will be anger if untabled peeps vote
   Kate turns on her video for a moment at this time
   Passed, after doing a bit of mental arithmetic
   Sold to Kevin for $2 - chaired by relatively competent time travellers


   Kushal - motion to create the wh can't fucking add commttee - had to recount the number of rooms in wean b/c bad
   Kaylie - change to "why I can't fucking add comm"
   Kate - motion to strike "why I" from the comm title
   Unfriendly if not letters, changed to the letters instead
   Reed - motion to suspend the recount and accept the results as presented
   Kushal - motion to amend the minutes - I AM THE MINUTES
   That passed? Auctioned to tim for $5 - chaired by all zombies who CFA


   Dez - KGB exi
   Oliver - Money exists now! also now cashnet exists! pay us money!
   Dues are $20 a year, 15 for a semestah
   Cashnet is messy, check membership dues and enter 25 (or any arbitrary integer)
   James - event this week is Rocket Propelled Grenade night?
   oh, Role-playing-game
   We play tabletop games! sign up via google forms link in RRA
   KGB kills a man is on Nov 6th! Sign up today
   Kaylie: if this is ur first kgb meeting, stand
   Kaylie literally made the person ragequit


   Kushal - the rule to force you to change vote emoji isn't in effect yet
   Kate - come to our house (unless haves covid)
   Liam - make videogem - make puzzlhunt - sign up at teammatehunt.com
   Tim - if you aren't registered to vote, and you're eligible, WRONG
   also if you want a male-in ballot, do it now
   Liam - writing puzzlehunt with cmu - go to puzzlehunt.club for that
   James - p,p,s,p,p, something gitfo