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MEETING 11/16/2020


   Dez - spent weekend doing game design
   James - spent it locked in a room w/ 4 people doing puzzles. were tired and slow but puzzled
   This week: mooooooovie night
   Kushal - binge read stormlight archives. Needs to remember the details
   Sawyer - had event: Larry busted the codes even though he had canonically no hacking experiences
   Oliver - wanted some economic info, got ALL of the economic info. TMI, slice


   Liam - Puzzlehunt comm - made puzzles for friday, made puzzles for saturday, kicked some P*lantir ass
   Liam - corn sub board - $4.17 per bushel
   Tim - adhoc currency board - 100 yen is about 95.6 us centz
   Kushal - ass. pokemon kidnapping children board - dark monkey pokemon that canonically raises a human child
   Liam - European Folklore comm -90% of european folklore is about kidnapped children


   Thing: James had it, who wants?
   ...nobody it seems
   well, we're gonna give it to Liam
   not his fault we wasted a minute for nobody taking the thing, the fact that nobody wanted the thing in the first place is his fault
   No orders of this day


   Sawyer - motion to blue - O.O.O.
   Oliver - motion to create a standing rule such that nobody wants the thing after one minute, it goes to henry
   Chair will accept if it is decided what he is absolved for
   his fault that nobody wants the thing
   Liam -strike "it's not his fault no one wants the thing" replace with "all war crimes committed by any henries are not his fault this week"
   Amendment failed
   James - motion to strike "henry" and replace with "oklahoma"
   unfriendly on grounds of we don't know oklahoma's pronouns
   Passed, been changed
   Now: motion to make a standing rule such that if nobody wants the thing after one minute, it goes to oklahoma. It is then oklahoma's fault that nobody wanted the thing.
   Passed, been changed
   James - orders of the day comm - to make sure tim always has something to say at meeting's beginning
   Liam - motion to table for one week
   Passed, been tabled (and an attempted auction by dez, but no)
   Oliver - insider trading comm - no purpose, but it just so happens that TSLA is joining the S&P 500
   Liam - motion to allocate 200$ to short the S&P 500
   Liam - TSLAs are a death trap comm - if the touchscreen interface crashes, so too does the car apparrently
   Moves to vote: passes. Auctioned to oliver for 4$ - chaired by every/anyone not including Elon Musk
   James - outsider trading & Kushal's life comm - "wait, you guys know what's going on? I dunno"
   Kushal - I thought this was supposed to be the outsider trading comm, not my life comm
   James - would like to add "& Kushal;s life" between trading and comm
   Move to vote: passed, auctioned to James; chaired by anyone who doesn't know what's going on
   Liam -  motion to create a standing rule such that ";", " ' ", and "$" are all interchangeable
   James - wants to point out the reasonable nature of the idea
   Oliver: It$s very reasonable
   Moves to vote: passes
   James - motion to ban the oxford comma's use in KGB meeting
   Point of sawyer should go remove stuff from the wiki
   also, that motion was ruled dilatory
   Oliver - motion to change the spelling of "oxford" to "cambridge"
   Tim - motion to tell a UDP joke
   Kushal - motion to oxford is cambridge and cambridge is cambridge
   Passed, been amended
   Main motion vote: passes, rule stands
   Sam - motion to change spelling of Central Michigan University to Carnegie Mellon University
   Oliver - change Carnegie Mellon University to Massachusetts Institute of Technology- dies
   Goes to vote: passes
   Tim - motion to obviate another Joke
   James - motion to have this joke declared dilatory - dilatory
   Oliver - motion to create the three digits comm - to enlighten all of the fools who have won an auction w/ 3 digit bids
   Passed, Sold to Kushal for $2.00 -  chaired by anyone bankrupted by KGB auction


Event: "Movie" night - will be chill


   Tim- demosplash from the computer club! Now in online format (which, isn't new, but will be good) - is this weekend - go to schmuck channel 4 info
   Kevin - doesn't know how to end meeting
   motion to red blue green yellow orange red blue seafoam green and purple - gitfo