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MEETING 12/14/2020

   Dez - played too much Pray (or prey)
   Sawyer - played too much Rimworld
   Kushal - worked on a final project, could have submitted the format code and gotten a 40/100
   Oliver - worked on orgo, found an inversion of expected grades


   Liam - corn sub board - $4.22
   Kushal - hunt humans for sport comm- grizzly-polar bear hybrid exists, have funny names that are fish fish fish
   Liam - the comm to ass the prez: delayed success
   Tim - wigglytuf comm - wig
   Oliver - comm to not go into old business - report


   Not Liam's fault that we're still in comm reports and not old business
   Is his fault for something else
   Tim - The orders of the day comm
   quote dez: "Well, I need to eat my sandwich so I'm going to purposefully step on a landmine"
   but dez did get landmined for reuse of emoji, so we move to a new acting chair
   Liam, Kushal nomm'd
   Ties, acting chair Kushal breaks tie in favor of Liam
   the Orders of the day comm has PASSED!
   Sold to Dez for corn (5 dollars), chaired by disbanded


   Kevin - motion to define "the winner of GBM" as the person w/ the most oposed emotes in #meeting-nonverbal motion to define "the winner of GBM" as the person w/ the most xup emote reactions on their posts in #meeting-nonverbal within the span of the indicated GBM, and :xdown: emojis reddit-style detract from the point total
   Kate - so, the way this is currently phrased, the only person who it is possible to win is someone who is chair that GBM, jsyk
   Woody - also, this isn't currently per-meeting, but for overall
   Oliver - is the emote reaction count retroactive?
   Dez - motion to create the "simeltaneously burned and undercooked foods comm" dez's bizarre cooking misadventure comm - to appreciate the sandwich he just made where the garlic burned but the hotdog wasn't crispy
   Oliver - motion to rename to "dez's bizarre cooking misadventure comm"
   Passes, been amended though not friendly
   Overall motion passes, sold to Dhreed for $35, chaired by tisme
   Kate - motion to make the Monitary responsibility comm - Purpose: to shame Dez every time he, despite being president, manages to spend over $20 on a committee, bidding against only one other person
   Kevin - a genuine question, is that how we spell monetary

the speling of monetary was changed to monitary to rectify the issue

   Dhreed - personally attacked
   Sam - as much as shaming dez is what we do, why are we shaming him for giving money to the org
   Committee passes, sold to oliver for 11 and chaired by whichbanded
   Oliver - motion to create a standing rule such that all time zones used in meetings are eastern time, defined by the time in America/New_York
   Woody - Motion to append " and if the chair incorrectly references the time, they are ejected"
   Inside of that, Tim proposes motion to define the speling of amend as "ammend" and append as "apend", passes by acclimation
   Amendment passes, returning to original motion
   main passes, been changed


   ANNUAL MEETING - normal meeting time on apr 19th 2021
   Virtual geek eat - 5:30 on wednesday of this week
   Non-canon winter meetings at regular time every week
   Task mastery things happening, look for more details elsewhere


   Liam - vidieogame
   Tim - with a name like schmuckers, it has to be good!

Meeting adjourns