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Officer Reports

       has begun her week
       became a grading TA for Nature of Language - now has a class to go to on Mondays
       all dashed today when her Russian prof. reminded her that she never signed her passport
       has paid for Russia trip, but has to get her passport shit in order
       lives the thug life
       can't see into the future
       elevator wins the world's slowest elevator award
       lived his entire life in the course of waiting for and riding that elevator, then reverted back to his youth magically
       312 is really not his bag, dropped it. Instead: information forensics, which is so much fun
       picked up an 800-level lambda calculus class with no assignments or tests, just turning in notes at the end of the semester
       look at these hands, they are so dry
       had a weekday
       killed a bunch of people, that was kind of cool
       went to some classes, that's about it
       Had a day
       played some computer games
       had some weird dreams
       did some homework
       that's about it
       had a day
       had things to say
       something happened
       weird linguistics stuff happened today
       grad students in LTI aren't actually very good at linguistics
       Naomi has some form of plague
       discovered r/ladyboners
       yesterday, ordered the KGB a new drill (nice kind like hers and Sully's) - trying to get reimbursed from the gift account
       had a day
       did homework
       woke up again because the day wasn't actually over
       played minecraft until 3am, then the server broke and the server is still broke
       had to go to class


   Event: Useless People Auction - 7pm MM A14. Food: cereal
       print contracts
       put new contract on AFS space
       Margaret will take primary notes, Kelly and tbroman will take backup
       Bids must be in increments: $1 up to $20, $5 up to $100, $10 up
       minimum bid $10
   next week's event: Get Board Get Career. Nothing related to careers or networking, except a joke
       costume contest: business casual
   t-shirt archive to be set up for sale
       shirt order? sweatshirts? ctfws shirts?
       new ctfws shirt design for next monday