Pale and Sickly Constitution

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Not to be confused with the Bylaws.


We the people of Carnegie Mellon University, in order to form a more "perfect" UC, establish just us, insure academic prosperity, promote the General to Field Marshal, and secure the blessings of elitism to ourselves and our posterior, do absolutely nothing to improve our pale and sickly constitution.

Article I


Article II

Section 1

Do not talk about the Walrus.

Section 2

Do NOT talk about the Walrus.

Section n for n > 2

Section n = (Section n-1) + 2*(Section n-2)

Article III

Article III is temporarily down for maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Article IV, Section 8, paragraph Σ

is very, very important. Please see the readme.

Article V

Any amendment to this constitution shall be ignored.

Article VI

There is NO Article VI.

Article VII

Find a closed form for Article II. Submit your work in blue or black ink. Do not use pencil, as it indicates you are a sissy and afraid of your mistakes. Bonus points for triplicate.