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A.K.A. Spandex Queen
A.K.A The party's beloved First Female member
A.K.A. "There's a girl in KGB?!?!"
A.K.A Will Frank's Orgo Lab Partner
A.K.A. The Goddess Of Snarky

Secret identity: S.E. Olson
Super secret identity Susan Olson...shhh, not so loud...even so0s doesn't know who she is.

Smarter than Paris Hilton and your average tangerine.
Way hotter than Albert Einstein and also your average tangerine put together.

Or should that be the other way around?

Darn it these Wiki thingys are so confusing!
What ever happened to plan files?

Preceded by
Jon Bennett
Super Secret Glorious Leader Of The First Coup
Spring 1989
Succeeded by
Barry Brumitt