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NOTE: Minutes from 2017-10-30 to 2017-12-03 were written by hand. What is posted here is a transcription; the originals will be placed in the KGB archive. Some editor's notes from Dez have been included. Handwritten format has been preserved to the best of the editor's ability. Name spellings/name changes have been updated to recent preference as of time of transcription.

[Editor's note for the 10/30 minutes: On the top right-hand side of the page, taking up most of the space not consumed by text, is a circle consisting of many vaguely-circular go-arounds. Enclosed is the expression "15>14".]

KGB Minutes 10.30.2017


   -Dylan: Lion king in 2.5 seconds, letter of rec for self
   -Katie: Dear Evan Hanson, made shitty watergun
   -Ian: Concert was a lot, "NO ALCOHOL, NO VAPES"
   -Dez: These minutes are handwritten
   -Joe: I hae a job now
   -Kate: Was beans


   -Stupid Power Rangers facts
       -3 were's actually based in Dirc's [Editor's Note: No idea what I meant by this, looks like a half-finished line]
   -Flash Physics
       -"Quantum field turned off"
   -I Question what Math Majors are Learning
       -> 15 > 14


   -The Thing
       -Fable: Corsec failures not her fault
   -Oh god why would I take life advice from KGB


   -All math should be done in Esperanto
       -Take it out of Gidon's Prescriptivist Hands
       -NEWPURP: Well there goes my homework
       -NEWNAME: All math should be done by Dez in the Minutes
       -$6 to M
       -Chair: Someone who actually understands math
   -Minutes format appreciation
       -Dez scribbling in all the blank space on the page.
       -Newpurp: Fuck you, M
       -6 Aren
   -Auntie Quinn's House of Spooks
       -Helping Fable with Halloween projects
       -$3 Quuxom
       -Chair: M
   -Properly check programming assignment grades
       -It's not a C+, it's a C
       -NEWNAME: Programming Dad Jokes
       -$5 Quuxom
       -Char: CS Majors
   -KGB Marching Band
       -Salute the football team with style
       -$3 Matt
   -Really fucking weird dreams Committee
       -Al Gore
       -Chair: Al Gore