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NOTE: Minutes from 2017-10-30 to 2017-12-03 were written by hand. What is posted here is a transcription; the originals will be placed in the KGB archive. Some editor's notes from Dez have been included. Handwritten format has been preserved to the best of the editor's ability. Name spellings/name changes have been updated to recent preference as of time of transcription.

[Editor's Note for the 11/06 Minutes: beside the committee report from the Haiku committee is a right square bracket running along the right side of the actual Haiku. To the right of that is the phrase "true haiku".]

Minutes 11/6/2017


       -Made list of stuff to do but only made apple crisp
       -Pls give me a job
       -Oh no event on the board 「Loh no!」
       -Justice served, watched The Room
       -Excitingly racist man on bus
       -Antoon's accepts bitcoin for tips


   -R7 is have party
       -I. had. a. week.end
        I. made. a. big. list. of. things.
        I. did. none. of. them.
       -Henry w [Editor's note: line ends prematurely]
   -Stupid History
       -Roman sacred chickens, would eat in a portentious pattern.  A general saw that the chickens weren't eating and threw them overboard


   -The Thing
       -Henry; sacred chickens
   -Why would I take life advice from the KGB
       -So I have an Asher Costume and Halloween is nearby...


   -Vote of no confidence in the football team
   -KGB only knows about committees committee
       -Rename everything on campus the "x" committee
       -Newname/purp: KGB .... Empires Empire/Rename.... "x" Empire
       -RASSED [Editor's note: probably meant "PASSED"?]
       -$3 Fable
       -Chair: Keeping Geeks Busy EMPIRE
   -Standing Rule: "That's a lot of dollars" -> $10     FAILED
   -That's a lot of spaghetti
       -P much that
       -$3 Tim
   -Exciting Bus passengers
       -「Dez Bus Story」*
       -$1 Dez
   -Dark Times
       -Purp: First shadow the Hedgehog...
       -sel [Editor's Note: incomplete line]
   -John Williams Sue HBO
       -GoT Theme in SW EII
       -$1 Fable
   -Midsem Death com
       -We're all zombies rn
       -Newname/purp: Midsem breakdown com/*beatboxing*
       -$2 Ian, empty bathtub
   -Discretely Ask Dylan how much to make the CTFWS allocation for
       -Postponed until next CTFWS
   -Superpredator Battle Royale Com
       -Find an arena equally disadvantageous to Cheetahs and Polar Bears and have them fight
       -Newpurp: Fable fights a tiger in Maine
       -$3 Fable
   -Standing rule: #Define "Bathtub Full of Saliva" -> "$2"