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Daisy Church was Sergeant at Arms for 1998 and maybe 1999. She's not sure about 1999 so much. It's all such a blur now, you know? She also co-chaired KGB's Booth entry in 1999 ("Children's Literature"), which was themed Secret of Nimh. She was very sad when KGB lost out to ASA's Winnie the Pooh themed booth with the crap blue tarp roof and sucky luon floors.

She remembers chairing booth that year as some of her most favorite KGB days, and still shouts out her love to all the KGBers who gave their time and energy into making that year's booth into something great and special.

Her other accomplishments in KGB include painting the chicken legs and wood texture on Baba Yaga's hut for Carnival 1998.

She was involved with KGB from her freshman year (Spring 1998) through her junior year (Spring 2000).

Preceded by
Bryan Nagy
Sergeant at Arms
Succeeded by
Fred Zeleny