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edanaher can be e-mailed at, amazingly,

The following is true.

Evan is, of course, a bird. But what is a bird? We just don't know. The best guesses of some of the greatest minds of our time suggest that birds may in fact be ethereal beings of another dimension, sent to observe our strange Earth customs. When Evan comes around, make sure to engage in the typical Earth practice of standing on your head to better understand the passing of the bus, continually check your watch for excess cake you can save for the party later than night, and extol loudly the virtues of the city of Glasgow in comparison to Edinburgh. In this way, we can make sure that Evan's reports to his supreme bird overlords are complete and accurate to the finest detail.

Also, Evan doesn't post minutes. The minutes post themselves after Evan stares them down.

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Rebecca Lambert
Recording Secretary
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Carolyn Sawyer